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  • I love Smith Brothers, too!!  Our milkman is smokin' too!  Pheweee!!!
  • I have my own bookkeeping business with 3 clients, maybe adding a 4th one soon!  Woopee!!!  But I'd rather be home with my kiddos!!
  • I haven't tried it, but wanted to say that we didn't have any problems getting pregnant with whatever we had on hand...I think people are overly cautious about it.  IMHO.  Preseed is pretty pricey, too!
  • I know!  Enough with the diving and volleyball...just put the darn gymnastics on!  It's going to come on just when I need to get to bed!  UGH!
  • that's weird, cause they had a big news story about how they can't talk about any olympics on the news because of the rights NBC has...Maybe they just meant they can't broadcast any footage??
  • Yes!  (I was assuming that's the only shreveport in the country! 
  • On of the moms from my daughter's preschool really likes it.  She did warn us that you walk around naked.  I'm way too modest to be comfortable with that, though!
  • I used to live in Cheney!  If you want to live in a college town, Cheney is nice.  Medical Lake is growing, too, which is nearby.  In Spokane, the south hill area is really nice!  If I had a choice of where to live in Spokane, that's the area I'd ch…
  • We went to the one in Philadelphia when we were on vacation last month.  DH & I both ordered our own thing and we were able to do so without it being family style.  So, maybe it depends on the dishes you order??  I thought it was a lot of fun!  …
  • Well, after you said she called in sick yesterday, and is off for two weeks starting tomorrow(??) I think it sounds incredibly fishy!!
  • I didn't realize it was such a big problem.  However, I'd prefer that people bring their dogs in, then to see them sitting a parked car.  THAT irritates me!  If I was more brash, I'd leave notes on cars about how quickly it gets hot in a car, even i…
  • Happy Anniversary!  My 4th anniversary is tomorrow!!
  • I would immediately try and go find the cat.  Hopefully that wouldn't take the whole day. But, I would freak out if my cats got out.  About 11 years ago, I had a cat that would try and get out.  When he did, he loved to play "catch me if you can"…
  • That's awesome, especially after all the issues you were having last week! 
  • The BofA in Bellevue on NE 8th (near Bell Square) has different currencies.  But, check before going.  The last time I needed euros, I went there.
  • Sounds like he needs a good wake up call to change his attitude.  Do you think he's gotten too big for his britches and thinks he can get away with anything??  But, I would talk to your boss about how you are feeling...Sorry you are being put in…
  • They all sound yummy, Pea!  I think kids of ALL ages would like them!  p.s. I saw a t-shirt on a little girl the other day that would have been perfect if you had a little girl (or maybe a niece??)  It said "Cutie pie", but the pie was the pi sy…
  • Well, it's not so much whether Cruz will care, it's about it being his 1st birthday and you want a really special cake for everyone to oooh and aaahh over!  What about one of the more "upscale" stores in Bellevue?  There's Larry's Market in Redm…
  • No, I think that's true!  I had some girl complain to her boss, who complained to my boss that I was eating my carrots too loudly!  Seriously??  My boss retorted back to her boss that the complainer talks so loud in her cube that you can hear her cl…
  • I'm *trying* to be better about bringing my own bag in.  But then you have to guess at how many of your bags you'll need.  And 1/2 the time (probably more), I forget the darn bag!  I think the tax is absolutely ubsurd.  Back around the time our coun…
  • I heard that this morning, too!  She was sooo funny in that show!  I remember it being a big thing about how young she was and playing an 80 year old so convincingly!
  • Congrats Dawn!  It looks great!
  • I know the bite of seattle is this weekend, so that usually brings lots of people into town!  Sorry it was so crazy for you! 
  • I went this morning and got this outfit for hannah (click on picture of kids) I also got her a pair of black leggins and long sleeved white t-shirt.  Nothing for me, since I can't get into any regular clothes until th…
  • Well, how nice of a dinner do you want to have?  When I was in college, we loved to go to Cyrus O'Learys, but it's a fun red robinish kind of place.  (It's downtown.)  The Mustard Seed was always really good, but I'm not positive it's still there.  …
  • they have them all over paris, so why are they such a problem here???  That's what I wonder.  Not that I used them in paris either, but still...Maybe the ones in Paris are smaller??  Who knows.  So, are they putting the honeybuckets back?  (I didn't…
  • I love reading piday's two blogs, especially her new one!  Someone posted about a cupcake blog, but I don't think I bookmarked it!
  • I hate cleaning, too!  Have you tried scrubbing bubbles?  You could leave it on there a while and see.  BUT!!!!!  You should be taking it easy and not even worrying about cleaning!  Mikayla is barely even a month old!
  • Sorry, I meant Lakewood, not Lakecity...
  • Hi!  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  My DH is in the Army Naitonal Guard, so he goes down to Ft. Lewis once a month.  It's between Tacoma (3rd lagest city in our state), and Olympia (state capitol).  I agree with the PP to not settle in L…