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  • My DD is 8 months and starting with this. It isn't too fad with H, sometimes she reaches for me while he is holding her. I notice it more when I leave her at the gym child watch. She has been going since she was 3 months old with no issues. Now all …
  • Everything I have read, and my personal experience, says that pull ups are no good for PTing. Now night training is completely separate from day training. DS still needs pull-ups at night because he sleeps so deeply, he just can't wake up to go. DD …
  • Go to Lulu's Casita! It is on Cricket Ave, right off of Lancaster Ave (rte 30) in Ardmore. It will be perfect for a 2.5 year old
  • @Dance71208, how are you? Nice to see you around here!
  • I take my kids to CHOP Haverford and we love it. We see Dr. Gwiescz (pronounced ga-veesh) and are really happy with him. When I was in the hospital with #3, Dr. Giombetti was the attending pedi and I really liked him as well
  • What about Savona in Gulph Mills? It is expensive but good (not as good as Nectar, lol, but good)
  • Things have just been busy here.  Charlie is in kindergarten and Sam is in pre-k, they go to the same school but are done at different times.  SO three days a week I am loading up the baby and going there 3 times.  But they are both doing great and …
  • The best dinner we have had out in the burbs was Nectar in Berwyn.  
  • So happy to hear the surgery was a success!  Lots of thoughts, prayers and hugs to you, Graeme and the family!
  • I sweep first, then use a Rubbermaid Reveal mop (same idea as a swiffer, but with a washable reusable pad and you can use whatever cleaner you want).  We use Bona cleaner and once a month or so use the Bona floor polish
  • Wow!  Congrats!  Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy. OMG, I would die - it sounds so exciting yet anxiety inducing at the same time!
  • Thanks everyone!  Landdo, Charlie was 8lbs 14oz and Sam was 9lb 7oz, so I was expecting a big baby - but I thought they were kidding when they told me the weight.  The first clue she was even bigger than I thought was when the nurses and doc were li…
  • I do Wawa gift cards for everyone - teachers and the gym daycare ladies.  
  • Good luck to Graeme and wishing him a speedy recovery.  Hugs to you!
  • We go to CHOP Care Haverford in Delco and are really happy
  • Tonight - I had planned on pasta bolognese, but then I realized we had leftover pasta from last week.  So I am making my bolognese sauce, but freezing it for post-baby and reheating pasta with shrimp and asparagus for tonight, with salad and italian…
  • We have a high school girl we use for nights out and pay her $12/hr.  But that is for Charlie and Sam.  She will also do dinner for them and put them to bed.  She is super reliable, trustworthy and I know her parents too
  • Ours is about 5-10 minutes away.  We have only needed to go for well checks, but I love that they are so close. I am sure her recommendation is great, but as someone else said - I am sure there is someone just as good that is closer 
  • I finished Gone Girl and was kind of torn on it.  I figured out the twist pretty much immediately and hated the ending.  That said, it still kept me hooked. I just started Cold Rock River, it was recommended and lent to me by a neighbor.  Next on m…
  • I am due in July and in Havertown
  • I am in Delco and I usually take the kids to visit my parents in Bucks Co on Thursday.  My mom called when she saw they cleared the golf course and insisted I stay put lol.   So far it's just a little thunder and some rain, but it is very dark  
  • I do think some kids just require more sleep than others, but 9.5 hours seems pretty low for 18 months. My kids were always on the opposite end of the spectrum - at 18 months they slept from 7-7 and took 3 hour naps.   Ditto the suggestion of push…
  • Ditto the Victor Pub.  H works in Camden and goes there often, I have been there with him too.  It is nice!
  • I love Chicago, such an awesome town.  I did a girls trip a couple years ago to Vegas that was so much fun.  We started planning another one for next year to New Orleans
  • I am getting my dad a nice golf shirt from the US Open. My neighbor is volunteering and he is going to pick it up for me and I'll  pay him. mr. Eagles is getting a fresh baby in a few weeks! Seriously though, if I think of something cool to get him,…
  • Charlie went at 4 and Sam will go on Monday (she ail be 4 in a little over a month)
  • We never get anything for godparents on the Christening day, but get them something at Christmas
  • Stock's in the NE always gets raves
  • I loved it and watched the finale!  I was actually surprised how good Kat McPhee was.  I did not like her and Jimmy together at all.  Debra Messing's character annoyed the crap out of me.  I didn't like how Ivy tried to be all "good" this season I …
  • Poor little guy!  Best of luck with the surgery and recovery!
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