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  • Congrats!!!
  • Dang it! I want to know too.  lol  Congrats!!!!
  • I have placque psoriasis, and the only lotion that I have found that actually works and helps reduce the dryness is CeraVe.  You can get it in all drug stores and Target, etc.  It is rather pricey at $13.00 a bottle.  It's not in the lotion section,…
    in Excema Help Comment by NOV2007 May 2014
  • Congrats!!
    in SJU Comment by NOV2007 April 2014
  • Congrats!!
  • blah! Growing up we had to eat them, my youngest brother despises them as well, so we would take a mouth full, with a mouth full of milk and swallow whole.  It was the only way we could get rid of them.  lol Kitchen is good.  Love it.  Couple of th…
  • Jess, you sure do love peas.  Monday: left over soup, chicken enchillada (made it a month or so ago and froze the extra.  Needed space in the freezer so I have to take it out to use it.) Tuesday: I had taken out Sausage (again to make sapce) but …
  • There's Poppi's.  Also, I was to a shower at the Mediterranean Room, the food was surprisingly very good.  it's on S. Bancroft St.
  • Hi and welcome.  I'm in SP, but only a mommy to a four legged furbaby 
  • All the mummers clubs rent their halls for parties. My husband is in Woodland.  They have a liquor license, you're able to bring in your own food, they can do round or rectangular tables.  They don't have a minimum, but their max is 160.  I just do…
  • No problem.  Good luck, I'm sure you'll find a cool venue.
  • I still love my venue; Glen Foerd. Spring/Summer was my favorite time of year when I worked there.  A low-key laid back wedding hanging by the river with good friends and good drinks. Unfortunately, they have parted ways with Conroy Catering, Inc. …
  • We live in Philadelphia, our water is bill is always somewhere between $40-50 a month.  Gas (stove and heater) this winter our highest gas bill was $123.00. In the summer our gas bill goes down to around $23.  AS for Electric, I have no clue what ou…
  • So sorry to hear about your dad.
    in Update Comment by NOV2007 March 2014
  • @Irocvilla and @Babe2331, my DH's grandparents raised 14 kids in a S. Philly row.  They did have 3 bedrooms, but they were not large.  And 1 bathroom. 
  • thanks ladies!!! You would think with the space around the outlets they would build a couple more restaurant options, because their food court does suck!!
  • erbur78 said: mzovoce said: Inside, really at that age, Chick fil a in trooper. If you head to Phoenixville you could go to Franklin Mills, the cafe' area has a nice play area and you can bring your own food. I think you me…
  • I made that super easy cranberry sauce that was posted.  It was delish!!
  • Tonight - Coach bag Bingo Saturday - sleep in, clean, relax at night with DH Sunday - sleep in, then possibly dinner at my parents
  • I brine my turkey as well.  I used this recipe last year, except instead of rosemary, I used thyme.  I think this year I am going to try the breast down cooking method as well.  
  • ok, I'll give it a try.  Thanks for sharing.
  • SJU1982 said: What are your Thanksgiving plans?  J's parents house, which is local. Big group or small group? There's between 15-20 people, so I'd say medium. What do you normally have on your table? Standard T-Day fare, nothing crazy. Any g…
  • What are your Thanksgiving plans? I'll be cooking dinner at my moms Big group or small group? small, about 10 What do you normally have on your table? Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, Brussel sprouts, cole slaw, candied yams for…
  • I noticed this too in the edit feature of the phone camera.  I just go into intragram, crop it there and they use that photo. I'm sure there is a way to crop it without having to go the instagram route.
  • I do!!  I need him to find more episodes to watch!!!
  • Oh no problem.  I watched season 1 through Netflix, then my DH's friend was able to burn 2 & 3 for me. Then I was talking to my mom and she had me confused with the seasons, and so now I have my DH's friend looking for season 4, which he was onl…
  • NO I do like mashed taters too.
    in QOTD Comment by NOV2007 September 2013
  • haha, I do like ketchup, just not smothered on my food.  The only time I eat ketchup at breakfast is with scramble eggs.  OH and I despise home fries, or fried potatoes. In fact the only way I like potatoes is baked, boiled (and then seasoned with S…
    in QOTD Comment by NOV2007 September 2013
  • Tonight: nada, dh is working so its just me and the pup tomorrow: getting my hair did and then Michael Buble concert Sunday: drowning in sorrows as it will begin my last year in my 30's (
  • Landdo said: Nothing too odd, except that I love ketchup.  Especially on savory breakfast foods.  Give me an omlette with a side of bacon and home fries...and all you'll see is a plate of red with some food underneath.   eeek, we could…
    in QOTD Comment by NOV2007 September 2013