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  • I'm so sorry that you had to do this and know your heart must ache. Thank you for sharing the photos and the sweet story of your morning together. Lots of love to you all!
  • a person like that probably shouldn't be getting/have a clearance to begin with, good she was arrested.  What started it in the first place? Riding public transportation can be so entertaing sometimes!   I agree!  Well, she was angr…
  • Cooper81: LWilli35: Vent:  I really hate when people try to have an argument / are in the midst of a misunderstanding and immediately try to make things a racial issue.  REALLY?!? Confession:  I almost got into a fight on the train on the w…
  • Vent:  I really hate when people try to have an argument / are in the midst of a misunderstanding and immediately try to make things a racial issue.  REALLY?!? Confession:  I almost got into a fight on the train on the way home last night because…
  • Ummm...yes.  I'd be infuriated.  I'd go to my supervisor in person first though...rather than sending an email which can easily be interpreted to be overreacting and confrontational.  It is, however, very inappropriate and also unprofessional on the…
  • That's my favorite icing recipe!!!  I add an extra 1/2 cup of confectioner's sugar to cut some of the buttery-ness, and it makes it a little firmer.
  • We usually send about 50. This year, we ordered from Vistaprint and they were only $20 with envelopes shipped! They're great quality and I love them! I'm so excited to send our cards this year! We normally sit them about on mantles and such.…
  • I'm still collecting them for future things, but we already got ehat we need for the kitchen (and it was delivered at no cost within a week!). I have a friend we met in the NICU who's also near the amount she needs for the kitchen, so I'd be glad to…
  • Thanks so much, Ladies! I ordered the kitchen today! So excited to get this for Bobby and that we'll have it by Christmas!!!
  • linzee: That sucks.  Can I get anything good for 1220 points?    Well there's always shutterfly stuff in that range.  There's also a Venus Razor (who knows?), some magnetic bath boats, and some preschool Sesame Street downloads that Kira's…
  • ucgrad: And this code just got posted for 10 points: CABRANDSVRNOV11   Thanks!  I need 236 more points for the kitchen!
  • linzee: i have 1220 point, let me know if I can transfer them to you. Poop.  Looks like they don't allow it to prevent fraud? 
  • L, I don't know if you can or not. Let me see if I can see anything about that.
  • That would be awesome! I still need a little less than 300. If you have some to share, feel free to email the codes leslie dot ruhno at gmail. Thanks again!!!
  • linzee: Thanks for the tip, might need to check out the one in Jessup.   Kira still loves her shopping cart and she is 5.  She actually circled another one in the TRU catalog for christmas this year.    The shopping carts tha…
  • Thanks so much, Tricia!  That would be awesome!   Jen, thanks for the promo code!  I've been keeping my eyes peeled for those too!  :c)
  • YAY! Congratulations!!!!
  • So cute!  I just want to squeeze him!
  • Send me one too, please M!   leslie.ruhno at gmail
  • Pffft...sure would!  DH would kill me if I didn't for a million bucks!  And I'm like Mary, it probably wouldn't take that!  I don't know why anyone wouldn't.  Of course this is assuming I had a hot bod, but they have really good airbrush nowadays, r…
  •   We haven't turned the furnace on, but we do run a small electric heater in the most used rooms and keep their thermostats set on 65.  Just enough to keep the chill off.  We have oil heat, and when we checked on how much it would cost to fill ou…
  • We love all types of veggies, and you've gotten a great list above...but am I the only one who gets a kick out of asparagus pee? I'm always amazed at how soon after eating it happens! Apparently it's also genetic...not everyone can smell it but ev…
  • xmaryrickx: She has a ridiculously ugly belly button. And apparently I love under a rock. I have no idea who these trashy weirdos are I was thinking the same thing but thought I'd dogged her enough on her sunspots! And wth, Mary?!? Why is …
  • blech...for a 17-year-old, her skin is heinous with all of the sunspots on her chest!
  • Just a friendly reminder to vote for Bobby if you have a free second.  There's no need for any personal info, and you can vote once every 24h from each device.  I vote from all of our home comps, my work comp and my phone daily!  :c)
  • Thinking of you today, L, and sending you thoughts of strength and love.
  • Thanks Erin! I know I can always count on my Nestie girls! This is a crazy online voting war! Their must be tons of votes going in for it to be this close!
  • We were in the lead for a couple of days but have now dropped to 3rd. Please vote if you have a spare minute! Thanks ladies!
  • If you have an extra minute today, please take the time to vote again if you would! Bobby's in 3rd plavce right now, but I know what Nestie power can do! Feel free to share on FB or anywhere else you'd like!
  • Lisa and Mickey: Done! Is it ok to share on fb? Of course! Please do!