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  • I would love to meet up ad make some new friends
  • rayres: We have the exact same issues! I know exactly how you feel. It really starts playing with your self esteem and confidence. My husband always says he doesn't have a sex drive, he's tired or stressed. I would think sex would be a good stress …
  • Super late on this but I'm in Richmond too and am up for a get together  
  • i dont really care for my's way to common!  tere was way too many jennifer's growing up so i started going by jen.  not jenn, jenny, or jennie.  i still go by jen and prefer it over jennifer.  plus w/ my married last name jen sounds better…
  • hey stranger!  welcome back!  i was MIA for a while too and just came back.  i'm still trying to play catch up it feels like! how have you been? what's new?
    in Hi guys!! Comment by JenO24 August 2011
  • thank you baby jesus it's friday! today is shaping up to be a good was payday for me, but my boss forgot to add in my 2 hrs of sick time i used last week which was a bummer but it's fixed and i'll get that paid back on my next paychec…
    in TGIF! Comment by JenO24 August 2011
  • we ate our top tier 1 month after the wedding.  a) i didnt want to wait to eat it since the only cake i ate at the wedding was the 2 bites don fed me. b) i didnt want to taste 1yr old cake, haha. i thought about ordering a duplicate of our top ti…
  • This week has crept by...It needs to be Friday at 5 already!  At least tomorrow is payday so that's a plus!  Don's supposed to be getting a summer bonus tomorrow and he'll find out how much of a raise they're giving him too.  So *fingers crossed* to…
  • I'm SUPER late on this, but I would have enjoyed doing that
  • I'm SOOOOO clueless!
  • debbie - when are you guys going?
    in 1 yr Comment by JenO24 August 2011
  • oooo!  i so need this thread.  i can upgrade my phone now or wait til dec to get more money off and i was thinking of getting an iPhone but dont know if that's the best way to go or not compared to the Droid.
    in iPhone Comment by JenO24 August 2011
  • it's wednesday, woohoo.  wow, i cant even convince myself of that. my day was going ok until a few minutes ago... my boss came up to me and pointed out a miniscule mistake...paper was done as A when it should have been done as a B (zero differenc…
  • Susie, is Falling Skies good? I saw a clip for it last night coming soon to Hulu - curious to know if good.
  • We're going to the beach again for a week around our anniversary.  It'll be a week w/ FIL, SIL, and niece.  Hopefully it won't be too bad...fingers crossed!  We'll be back down at the outer banks so we'll visit the "scene of the crime" I'm sure. …
    in 1 yr Comment by JenO24 August 2011
  • Hey!  I'm trying to make it a point to visit here each day again...I've missed you guys! Things are going well...we're finally all moved and settled...took forever to pack and unpack.  It's unreal how much stuff we have even though each time we'v…
  • Brew that is seriously inspiring!!!
    in Race Recap Comment by JenO24 August 2011
  • we got a beer bread mix for a bridal shower was so yummy i wish we'd gotten more than one box
  • Hey! I'm going to try and get better about popping on's still hard at work, but I think I'll have a few minutes here and there. I've missed you guys
  • i have the type of job where i can't work from home - i have to be in the office to get things done.  however, as long as i let my supervisor know my hours can be flexible - which came in handy last year with all the appts w/ the wedding and such
  • i worked on my 21st birthday then a group of my friends took me out for drinks...definitely dont remember much from that night
    in 21st B-day Comment by JenO24 August 2011
  • i was due on thanksgiving but i didn't make my debut until a week later so happy for you, hubby, and turtle!!!
  • he's able to transfer, but his dad is trying to get him a job w/ his company up here which would be a lot better in the long run for don.  at least he's able to transfer w/ the company he's at now...makes it so much of a better move for us!
    in hola Comment by JenO24 May 2011
  • the new job is SO much better than it was before.  im still doing basically the same stuff but the volume is much greater since im our location that services the other 3 locations in our state. don doesnt move here until the end of june.  it suck…
    in hola Comment by JenO24 May 2011
  • this was the first yr that i was ever boss took me out to lunch i got enough pasta at lunch that day that i had leftovers that night for dinner!  so yummy!!!
  • I miss you guys! With my new job I can't get online...I just don't have time.  Plus, Don's had our laptop to watch shows on since the Play Station network has been down for a long time so he can't watch Hulu through that. I feel SO out of the …
  • sarapick99: I thought it was hilarious during the intro to the Dundies when Michael was dressed like Jim, Angela and Phyllis!! DH and I cracked up during this...especially when they showed Michael as Jim
  • ive never been able to wear definitely a flats girl through and through
    in Can you... Comment by JenO24 April 2011
  • that's a tough one...the office beach or mountains?