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  • 10 years... I've been teaching 3 years and I'm already thinking of changing jobs in the next 2 years. Anything particularly interesting to you? (fieldwise)
  • Kore!: I didn't submit the paperwork til the day we closed. You never know if something will fall through at the last minute. If it's a situation where you won't be able to check mail at your old residence after your anticipated closing date, I'd h…
  • I love this show! I didn't think she was married at all. I miss Holly for Michael too. Poor Michael...
  • I love this show now! Not so much at first but it has gotten so much better. Ansari is hilarious! "This is how we eat it!"
  • 1.? How many sq ft is your home???Is it too big, too small, or just right? 1372 sq ft plus a finished basement 2.? How big is your yard?? Is it too big, too small, or just right? 1/4 of an acre- just right 3.? How many bedrooms?? Is this too m…
  • Being a high school teacher has made me extremely leery about being a parent. I see and hear so much that I just don't know. I don't want to end up being one of the parents that I have! Sorry my answer is so negative.
  • We live in Ohio and it is costing us $80 to resurface our driveway- depends on how long and wide your driveway is and what it looks like now. As far as the basement, depending on how "finished" you want your basement, it can cost somewhere between $…
  • Funny! Good Luck!
  • I agree. If you don't have guests very often, a guest bedroom will be a wasteful use of space. However, if your boys need room to romp around, then a play/game room probably is a better use of space.?
  • shanpren: Do you have a specific budget in mind?  I completely agree with painting the garage, shutters and front door.  More colorful and substantial landscaping.  If you have the budget, a paver driveway and walkway would add some big curb appeal…
  • erininhawaii:  I would also add some colorful shrubs below those front windows and maybe a huge pot with a topiary or spilling plants at the base of your driveway by the sidewalk (you could also add your house numbers to it.)  Cool id…
  • irlndsumer: Unless I'm mistaken, your roof is gray, right?  I would actually paint the house a light gray color with darker gray shutters and your front door a bright color (like red). ETA-- I would paint the garage door to match the shutters…
  • Gem11: Why is part of the garage brown? Is that brick? I would paint the whole house one color with a nice complementary shutter color. And maybe add shutters to the window on the garage to match. I would def add some color with flowers. Yes…
  • Didn't think of painting the entire house or the garage. What colors would be good for outdoors when painting an entire house?
  • in Painting Comment by JP-n-JI April 2010
  • saravecinco: I think it sounds good for both you and the guests   You could always ask guests to bring a drink to share if you don't want to go out to bars after dinner. I agree- Have them bring a drink and party as long as you guys want to!
    in 30th bday Comment by JP-n-JI April 2010
  • I have my final loan approval and I'm still not buying anything! I'm window shopping and taking mental notes (and pictures), but I'm waiting until the keys are in my hand to purchase anything.
  • Wow! That is really cutting it close. He doesn't have weekend hours, blackberry, or something? That is bad service. Wait until Monday, but I would look into other options. Hopefully it all works out and you don't have to push back closing!
  • Another teacher in my building did this last year. They needed more space and a neighbor in the area needed to downsize, so they swapped homes. They are very happy. If you love it, go for it!
  • Check to see what all is covered in te home inspection. Most of the time, certain inspections, such as mold and termite, are a seperate cost. Also, if you notice something that looks weird or if you don't know how something works, ask them. For exam…
  • I just got the appraisal back two days ago and it was ordered back in March. It just depends on how busy they are. If it's been only a fews weeks, then I wouldn't worry. And if the home inspection went well, I would worry even less.
  • Yipee!
  • bamboo118:  you get to the point where you have an inspection done, the inspector should find all of these problems if they are there. I agree here. Though the neighbor seems a little sketchy, he could be telling the truth. I would …
  • Congrats!
    in We Closed! Comment by JP-n-JI April 2010
  • Don't know much about removing a large tree. However, we had a huge tree close to our apartment and some of the roots had started growing into the house, pushing the foundation in... just something to look for.
  • I'm wondering the same so I'm eager to hear responses
  • Good for you! Hope we get ours that fast! But it will be an amendment...
  • SusieBW: Turns out his event in Boston is tonight.  I emailed DH about it, and it looks like we're going!  Nothing like spur-of-the-moment book signings!  So I guess I'm definitely leaving work early today, so that I can get home to give my pupp…
  • Hum... I wonder if we will have to wait that long as well. Are they that backed up?
  • In high school. He asked me to homecoming- had no idea who he really was- as a first date and have been together since...