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  • I'm 100% with smiley on this one! Brooklynn and just call her Brooke. Make sure you can yell her name out of a wondow and it sounds good. If her name carries through the wind, youve got a keeper!* wink*
  • It's nice to know I'm not alone on this .....phew! I finds some solace on knowing you guys mostly are feeling where I'm at. Damn this just made me realize how much I missed you ladies!
  • Let's be welcome back twinsies! * laaaame sauce*anyway....good to hear a report....haven't seen ya...basically bc ive been an MIA b!tch, myself. Not saying you are one....just ringing true for me.
  • I wish I was "coming around" more often myself ..... Ugh.What am I supposed to do with this fiery redhead sex drive?! I am defnitely dedicated to my question! It's just such a weird spot. I always read about this kind of situation but a…
  • Hooray! Yes doc visit ASAP!I will send you email later on!
  • This is kind of unrelated..but this is the stats I got for my hubs name... LOL!!!Otto is not in the top 1000 names for any year of birth in the last 11 years.Please enter another name.
    in Name Game Comment by Ferdy2584 May 2011
  • Hands down this is one of the coolest things I have's super nifty! I really hope thatYou guys get a chance to have one....seriously )Amanda....I just added the smurfs. Let's do it!
  • I didn't do as much as I could have ....I'm actually bummed because the scale still puts me in the 140s..... I just wanna break that area and get a more toned tummy.I ate a lot of salads this week....and I actually really enjoyed eating crunchy vegg…
  • Fake it til you make it biotech!:o)
  • I'm down to 143 so that's good-- I took off the weekend with Jillian-- some serious nights at church for Easter-- was well worth the small break. I've been seriously snacking on carrots and crunchy fruits and vegs....I like to snack on things that …
  • Nope-- I'm still THAT person who is tryin to avoid it-- you are the third person to ask me this week if I was getting back on...... a sign??? :oP
  • That is what I'M TALKING ABOUT!! ) This is one of the best things I have heard this morning!! ) Please post more awesome news like this friend. PS-- any new pics of her lately??? Hook a sista up! 
  • I think if you already have a bag- that isn't broken and is still useable- then why waste money on another one??? But if you MUST buy a bag-- make sure you still have dollar bills to put IN your bag........   ugh!! I'm such a biotch b/c I don't ge…
  • Prayers for her focused ability to stay on track!
  • NYS Museum here in Albany. ) 
  • le gasp!! how did I miss this one!!?? Hooray for new life!! ) His eyes are so nice.. ) Sleep when he sleeps tho'..I know you wanna stare at him all the time...but sleeeeep when you caaaaan!!! ) 
  • stephaniem1977: Good: booked airfare for Disney trip in September Bad: Poor     This makes me so happy for you!!!!!!!!!! ) 
  • Good Thing: went to the museum w/ Liv today-had an awesome Mommy and Daughter Day-- and we are going down for snuggle time/ nap time soon-- Bad Thing: Easter weekend is upon us -- Holy Tridduum starts tomorrow.....busy time for me.....
  • I am doing two levels of Jillian Michael's a day for 4 days this week---- 20 min, workout just turned to 40 minutes. I started last night and I wanna keep it going. I also wanna keep eating yummy salads for lunch-- trying to prove salads aren't boo…
  • My thighs definitely rub together! I hate it! Jessie-- I know what you mean when you say after E your body was never the same.... I keep being really hard on myself but O is always telling me that my body will never get back to how it used to be. I …
  • We were having brunch with some of the elders in out church and Olivia began talking about zombies and how zombies eat "just brains". She also rants on and on about vampires and how they don't like Garlic and that they can't come in unless you say i…
  • Stef- is there any way to make this a sticky ?? That way it can be a Ask a Mom thread?? :oP
  • debdebdol: eMiLee920: mushE: Did you hear she's getting a show on Food Network?  I heard something on the WC board, and they said she confirmed by Twitter. I'm not a follower, but thought you all would be interested. It's true.  The ca…
  • Yikes! Just try to leave the vacuum cleaner out of's going along fine and then you hear a loud THUMP! right into the hose.....not a good thing / LOL   Good luck--- hopefully he isn't far! 
  • shauni27: I love her and I love her recipes (and that cake does look killer) but I was put off by these recipes, probably because i dont do easter (Jew thing, and all.)   Even Passover Shauni???  
  • It will probly be over when you get there....gimme your friend's number and I will cuss that girl out! )
    in grrr. Comment by Ferdy2584 April 2011
  • uh - uh-- not gonna do it-- we all know what happened the LAST time I opened my big mouth...... it's probly the reason jody isn't here anymore. I am not exempt from learning to control my downfalls. But I will say this:   Alicia -- get in the kit…
  • I always knew it was a little wild and a little strange-- when you build your home right on the range )
  • If you wanna get a little more personal find out what Saint they are confirmed under-- or if they are using their baptism name for Confirmation. You could always get something inscribed at a Things Remembered. But if you want the quick easy route- y…