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  • Thanks.!!! I will :-)
  • I'm mostly on FB...I do come on this board & the month board according to Mia on the Bump. but not often, obviously :-)
  • I'm so glad that Ethan is doing better!!! Welcome to the boring side...and I hope it stays that way for a long time!
  • Kriz_b: I don't mind the sound of flip flops, but inappropriate dressers at church drive me nuts!!!!  There are some teens at our church that I would like to slap and tell them to go home and change. I 100% agree. The SAD thing is when adults …
  • Congratulations & Have fun!!!! Take lots of pics and eat a Oh and my goal (as a coffee lover) is to try a cup of coffee from everywhere!! lol
  • Thanks ladies...I'll check these out!
  • I'm a Hevenly Hash girl! [big puffy heart for you]
  • Melozia: CBL: I think a lot of us also had babies around the same time and have much less nesting hours in the day   I think this is likely the best explanation as to why it's gotten so quiet. I have never been to, nor have I ever…
  • no "flame" taken :-) and no I'm not BF...personally I never liked the idea of it BUT I was ready to do so for my baby and it turned out that Mia rejected my milk from day 1....already at the hospital the nurses were laughing at how she already w…
  • Jen&Joe06: Great pictures Lisa! I can't believe how big Mia has gotten. How much does she weigh now?  I would talk to your doctor about solids. I know ours said nothing before 6 months (although some say it is okay to have cereal at 4m)and whe…
  • Why Hello! I'm doing well...things are in such a good groove now, I'm loving it. I wish the weight would just melt away and my tummy instanly goes flat again but, eh...I had a kid 4 months ago! Mia is awsome! She sleeps & eats SO well.. t…
  • D) All of the above
  • I'm surprised you kept your cool....a good punch to face was called for....& hey she trespassed on your property  - you have the right! lol WOW! is right...
  • I know that about 6 of us had babies within a 4-month span! That might be keeping things busy! I have so much going on this summer - it's scary! 5 wedding = showers, stags, gifts = $$$$ & on mat. leave = no good. I literally have so…
  • Jen&Joe06: I was with you until this until the day you appologize to DH you will never see Mia...not in pictures, nothing...and GOD protect you if you even think of touching her. Please don't let whatever is going on between adults a…
  • I must have been dead asleep....I only read the message now!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Can't wait to meet her!
  • Thanks ladies!!! AF arrived today, of course always when you start to worry, right? No major cramps like before but lots of the yucky-'crampy' feelings...Blah! and super-uber-duper heavy....hopefully it won't take long before it goes back to norm…
    in *TMI* Comment by All_Planned May 2010
  • MIL: nothing...she's not talking to DH and I & didn't even show up to DD baptism last Saturday....(that's a LONG story for another post)...ya nothing for her Mom: I know she want's to change her bedroom theme and was going to check out Sears…
  • OMG he's so cute! It's a Brad Pitt You should think about "modeling" in babies'r'us or the bay Rachel son would be picked for sure!
  • I tidy up the kitchen every day after dinner as PP said. I also jsut tidy know put things where they belong because somehow I have a cordless drill on my living room floor  that's about 1hr. Once a week is laundry (because we need it) or…
  • daniellecs: I'm confused on what to put for eye colour, height and weight. His eyes are still that grey/bluish colour but I think they will be brown, they seem to be getting a brown tint. And obviously height and weight will change quickly. …
  • Sammy-Mae: Ya come east,  it was 30 degrees today!  Mind you we did get 15cms of snow last week... Hey now! maybe not that east...we didn't get any snow here LOL
  • too weird! I have always said that we should drive bumper-cars....I'd hit a LOT of people!! But the new one I come up with today was for me (the driver) to have a bee-bee-gun and pop one of the other car's (s.tupid driver) tire! It would serve…
  • Congratulations & Holy Moly!!!!! lol 11lbs....God Bless Her! Mia is 3mos old and is only now near 11lbs....LMAO!
  • I said yes. At home I have a pair of leather slippers that I wear all the time. I'll wear my shoes only if I forgot something and need to get it the winter - never! When I visit peoples homes shoes are always off no matter the occ…
  • I've never heard of it before...what makes it different to 'normal' yoga? I'm picturing from the name that the heat in the room is really high? LOL
  • Pickle Barrel It's cheaper and more of a selection for "brunch" IMO But I'm good with either/or
  • Jen&Joe06: I am still rocking the old red and white in my maiden name! Me Too!!!!
  • D.R.Ash: Friday April 23rd at Pickle Barrel for lunch at 11ish 1st - YAY you're 38 weeks!!! and Danielle 6 days O.M.G!! 2nd - My vote is above p.s. I know for a fact they do all day beakfast because DH always orders the same thi…
  •'s either give him a 'night off' or be stressed from the 100000 phone calls of "is she ok?...what temp should the botle be? why is she crying etc. etc. etc" LOL   I'm also good for either a Friday or Saturday Brunch :-)