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Anyone go to Open Houses to get ideas?

There is a house in my neighborhood that is having an open house today. ?They have added on a 2nd story so I've very interested to see how they did this as we have talked about staying in our house and just adding on. ?

?I also want to see what they have done with the kitchen. ?

?The only thing is I always feel a little weird going to just look.?

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Re: Anyone go to Open Houses to get ideas?

  • People do that all the time. I know friends who do it and have no intention what so ever to buy. Our townhouse has been on the market for 6 months and its common to have neighbors come by (they tell our realtor they are neighbors and just "checking out the place". I love looking at model homes - they are always done up so nice. :)
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  • I love going to open houses in my neighborhood.  Our neighborhood is all track homes so there are two basic floor plans but many people have added on.  I actually went to one recently and they had knocked down this wall that we also want to knock down and it looked great. 

    I don't think it's too weird in fact I went to an open house a while ago and the only people there were neighbors! 


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  • I'm chicken so I look at the virtual tours on MLS. We've gotten some great ideas what to do and what not to do that way.

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  • We do it in our own neighborhood....I know the realtors hate it but it's sort of expected.  Sometimes we just tell them we're a neighbor, and other times we don't. ;-)

    I especially like to go see our own model - --  see if anyone is doing anything cuter than I am! ;-) 

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  • Thats usually who comes to open houses.  Go look!
  • All the time! ?I saw go and check it out!
  • Just be sure to tell them you're a neighbor and ask if they mind if you take a peek. If you're sweet about it and ask nicely then they'll be gracious and not bother you and not have to be on their toes thinking it's a possible sale.
  • I do it all the time.  The realtors we talk to totally expect it, they ask us are we looking or from the neighborhood.  It's totally fine.
  • image tiki_t:
    I'm chicken so I look at the virtual tours on MLS. We've gotten some great ideas what to do and what not to do that way.

    Im sorrry for being a little slow Geeked but what is MLS? Is this on the internet? I'd like to take a peek


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