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My confession(s)

I do not like salmon.  Oh, how I have tried to like it, for my own sake, and now for Sesame's.

I just can't do it.  I ate about a third and had to stop.  I couldn't even look at it after that.

I'd blame it on being pg, but I've had similar reactions when not pg in the past.

I have officially given up.  No more salmon for emeraldwednesday.  I gave it a good try, but it's not going to happen.

I don't really like fresh fruit either, but that one I can get around by way of smoothies, applesauce, canned peaches, that sort of thing.  I guess it's better than nothing.

Eating healthy is hard.  I just wish mommy guilt didn't start so early!

Re: My confession(s)

  • at least you gave it a try. I like it best - marinated in soy sauce. It only takes a couple tablespoons of soy sauce and about 15 min.

    You're doing good!!

    image Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Angel Baby - 5/22/2010 @ 13 weeks. Always in our hearts.
  • Salmon is a very strong fish and a lot of people don't like it. I grew up on it (blame my NW background), so I can't live without it. I'd try halibut.. its much more mild.


  • I hate seafood all together.
  • That's funny because salmon is one of the only fish I like. Unfortunately, DH hates all fish. You gave a it a shot, that's all you can do. Keep trying with the fruit, it's really good for you. What about if you add it to green salad? And when baby gets to be a toddler it's important for them to not develop an addiction to refined sugar too young. Keep em in fruit as long as possible. GL!
  • I've tried eating it a few times, just can't do it - so fishy tasting, ewww especially now that your pg, I wouldn't go there.

  • I HATE salmon, but dh cooks it and we put it on french rolls with lettuce, tomatoes, and some sort of flavored mayo (ie wasabi mayo, or whatever) and that is the only way I can eat it.  I dont really taste it that way.  LOL
  • You can get your Omega 3s from these little capsules. I buy them at whole foods. It is better than Samon becuase it contains no mercury!
  • What about sablefish (black cod)? It's a white fish, and tastes buttery and sweeter, not as fishy as salmon, at least to me ( I like and eat most seafood/ fish). Sablefish has higher omega 3 levels than regular cod or salmon, and is responsibly harvested. I don't recall it being on the chart with dangerously high levels of mercury (Whole Foods has a chart that lists them).?

    Hope you're enjoying your pregnancy!=)?


  • My confession, I'm not a healthy eater either and my baby came out allright.  Stick out tongue
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