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If you have been born a natural hair color, what would it be?

Ug. I tried to post a poll with this but it wasn't working! Polls apparently don't like me. If you have been born a natural hair color, what would it be? Taking away what your skin tone looks better in, or what your husband prefers you as. This is if you could have chosen your natural hair color what would you have picked?

Blonde - they have more fun

Burnette - Sexy Sultry

Red - You-re on Fire

Black - Once you go...

Other - ?


Re: If you have been born a natural hair color, what would it be?

  • I honestly like my hair color as it is now.  I don't mind brown hair at all.
  • I'm happy with my brown hair as well!!!! Wouldnt change a thing!!!!
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  • Give me blonde or give me death!


  • I'm a brunette.  I like it.  Especially now that I'm not so pale. :)

  • I had strawberry blond soft curls as a baby/child, then it turned more blond got heavier and straighter and now it's getting darker (dern pregnancy!) with more curls.  So, I wish my hair would have stayed the strawberry blond, but I would keep the curls for the most part.
  • My natural color is brunette. However, I'm the daughter of a red head and have always, always wanted red hair. Not the fire engine red but more of a deep auburn. Basically, since I have gray hair I get it dyed that color with some added blonde highlights for fun.
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  • Taking away the different phrase associations that were posted with this, I would love to be blond again (I'm now "dishwater/ash blonde, so dark blond/light brown).  I had nearly platinum hair when I was little, and I wish it had stayed light as I grew up, instead of becoming this bland color.
    Blythe, born 6/5/10, and Oscar the dog (not pictured), adopted 11/16/07
  • RED!!

    A gal that works for me saw a picture today of me with my natural hair color. She told me that people pay a lot of money for that color. Not me! :)

  • I would have had black, with blue eyes.
  • I was born strawberry blonde, went platinum blonde and is got darker and darker as I got older.  I am not entirely sure what my natural hari color is now to be honest, I am assuming a dark/dirty blonde.  I would have preferred if my hari would have stayed a lighter blonde :-(
  • I'm a natural brunette as I do not color my hair.  Although some days it has natural red highlights and other days it has blonde ones.  But I like it.  I couldn't imagine being any other color.
  • I like my brown hair, but I would love for it to be super dark Penelope Cruz.
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