August 2006 Weddings
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  • Booze. I always love getting booze. It is my favorite kind of present. Plus, you can totally freak people at the store out by buying a bunch of wine while pregnant.

    I like getting flowers, too, but my cats would eat them. So I'm going to go with booze.


    Little Bridey Twist, begging for a bowl of Chobani. Just like in the orphanages of yore.
  • I always go with alcohol or some other food product, if I know the host really likes something in particular.
  • Wow, I threw a baby shower last week and didn't get anything!  You're super nice!

    What about like a bath thing?  Like something from Sephora?

    Otherwise, Booze is nice.

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

    <a href=>Well, that would be telling</a>

  • image lyssbobiss:
    Haha, thanks all!  I'm not sure if my friend's mom is a drinker or not.  We do live right in the Bible belt, so there are plenty of teetotalers here.

    If not booze, then maybe a gift card? Either to a restaurant or a store they frequent.

  • omg! you are getting so close!


  • Yay fun!

    A fancy box of chocolates, perhaps, if they aren't drinkers? You can't go wrong with a gift card either, along with a heartfelt message written inside a thank you card. ?

  • I got my work shower hostesses Bath and Body Works shower gel and a body pouf.

    For my friends and family shower, I got my hostess the movie, Knocked Up.

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