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Friday Confessionals...

Because it's sooo good for our souls =)  I'll start:

  1. I'm thinking of buying a chocolate birthday cake and munching on it all weekend long (it's no where near my birthday)
  2. I have gotten into the habit of buying baby things when we go on vacation, even though I'm not preggers yet (who could resist buying Paddington Bear and his books from Harrod's in London???) 

Re: Friday Confessionals...

  • I still haven't done anything at work for weeks (I mean anything)

    I use this time to send out resumes for other jobs


    Easter 2011

    Largest selection of Halloween Costumes
  • I am deliberately waiting to figure out dinner until after DH gets home- I'm wickedly hoping he will be so hungry he will give in and take me out for sushi Devil  Or at least take me to the grocery store so we can buy some decent food!  I hate having a bare fridge :(
  • Whenever I use the drive-thru teller at the my bank, I have to use the lane that's directly outside the window because I can't work the stupid sucky pod thingy that you use in the other lanes.  The one time I tried, I finally gave up, drove away and came back into the other lane.  I feel like a complete lame brain for that.
  • I was so tired today I slept through my physical therapy appointment - when I woke up to call them to cancel I was so ashamed that I just told them I got held over at work and couldn't make it. 

    I didn't explain that I actually was held over early this morning at work, then came home and couldn't sleep so I fiddled around on the internet for a couple hours before going to bed, so when my afternoon appt rolled around I could not get out of bed.  Semantics, right? 

    J + J = K image Photo by J. Shelton Photography Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • This is really a saturday confessional for me but hey it counts:

    1. When giving my hopeless co-irker her annual review in which she didnt earn a merit raise, she got up and told my boss she didnt want to do this any more (in a combative yelling and screaming manner)  I had a *glimpse of hope she would walk out forever*...she didnt :(

    2. I am weighing in today I think............I think.....I hit my goal of 180.0 or less before vegas....which is in 3days!!!!!!!

    3. I am getting sick and I am denying it. ha ha! I am not sick for no no!

  • We are going out for donut this morning, then to a kids bday party at 12 for cake and ice cream then out to dinner where I also hvae no self control. Plus I ate chocolate torte for dessert last night.
    Tracey Mom to Logan and Liam
    I live for those smiles!
  • I've never seen a single episode of SATC and I probably won't ever. SHOCKING!
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