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Hey, how are things going this week?  I saw your post below about your chart-when did you decided to go in for your blood work?  I hope your numbers are up this month! As far as your temps being all over-did you drink at all?  Even if I have a glass of wine with dinner, my temp is crazy the next morning.  They are also all over the place when I'm stressed out.   anyhoo...have a good rest of the week!   



Re: **Borst-Plotz**

  • I wanted to wait and reply when I got my blood results back. I decided to go in yesterday.  Dr. Hansen said since I was spotting for only 2 days and had a light period the rest, to count CD1 as the day I started spotting.  With that said...

     Blood tests came back and my progesterone was lower than .02. So, yes it when down. ugh.  So I made sure Dr. Hansen called me (not a nurse-I'm sick of having them relay messages to me). She said it was definatly time to see a infertility specialist, Dr. Cooper/Dr. Young.  Since it will take me a couple weeks to get in Jeff has to do a semen analysis and I have to start provera today and then on CD9 go in to see if my tubes are blocked.  I am still going to have a nurse check my level tomorrow at work-just in case it went up in the last couple days.

     The news completely wrecked my day but I'm trying to stay positive and know that maybe the specialist will be able to help more.

    I also changed one 'spike' on my chart because I was drinking the night before that happened. So I discarded it, because it was probably from that :-(

     Thanks for thinking of me sweetpea! (by the way..what's ur first name, I feel weird calling you that, haha!)  How are things going with you??


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  • butting in here, hope you don't mind...

     I'm so sorry for the bad news you got!  That's just a huge bummer, and I've been there.  :(  But the HSG (blocked tubes test) and SA are the first tests, and will get everything prepped for the drs at MIF.  MIF dr's and nurses are amazing, and you should get in fairly quickly. 

    You can always feel free to vent on here, there are several of us that know where you've been!


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  • Butting in... my prayers and best wishes are going out to both of you (and another person on here who's TTC who's been quiet lately). It's got to be discouraging, but this board has two success stories, so hang in there.
    Happy mom to two sweet, silly boys: Cohen age 4, AJ age 2.
  • Oh, that sucks!!!! A lot!!!!!  I'm sorry that your numbers went down.  But, at least by seeing a specialist, you will hopefully get an answer as to why your numbers are low. 

    As far as me, my last cycle finally ended and we have decided to try one more cycle without meds.  I guess the low carb diet is working.  As much as it sucks, its working! lol!  Plus, we are going to be out of town when I would need bloodwork done. 

    I hope you have a good weekend!

  • And my name is Sara.  Forgot to add that in my last post!
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