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There are shoes?!  You shouldn't have told me that!  Even if it isn't the same outfit, anything that matches would be awesome.  She usually wears her white sandals with all outfits unless she needs her tennies on :)  We did just buy Ella her very first pair of Crocs last night...they are sure cute...of course she wore them to daycare today!  Oh, and you should always buy all outfits that you think are cute...Ella only wears most of her clothes once unless it is pants, onesies, and babylegs (which she wears to school) otherwise all outfits are usually one-timers which Adam hates :)

BTW how are you feeling?  Are you back to normal?  I have been thinking about isn't easy being sick when you have a little one...I hope all is well!

Re: **Mrs.Reem**

  • Also, our little ones can "scream" together at the garage sale!  Won't that be music to everyone's ears?!
  • Yeah I think they're the strawberries now that I think about it but they're so stinkin' cute!! They're little sandals of course. I'll bet the crocs are adorable. Anything that small is just precious, I think.  My mom spoils Katen like crazy and just bought her some new Nikes. We put them on when she needs a little traction in the jumperoo because her robeez are too slick. :) I'm guessing Ella gets more wear out of hers though.

    I think now I can start buying more outfits because if I'm correct I think Katen will stop growing so quickly between 6 and 12mos. I had to shop the other day for her because she had two (yes two) 6mos and up outfits and she's just now growing out of 3-6mos clothes.   Isnt' it funny how shopping for them is way more fun than shopping for us these days?  I seriously have no clothes for summer that fit but I go buy stuff for Katen instead. lol!

    Oh and thanks for asking.  :) I am feeling better yesterday and today. The antibiotics kicked in and my estrogen levels are going down which makes me less nautious. Gotta love my gimpy ovaries!  lol!

    How are YOU feeling?

    Nobody said life would be easy. Just that it would be worth it.

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  • Ella finally grew out of 3-6 months clothes at 7 months :)  I had soo much...I am glad that she is getting chunky now, but she is also loosing her chunk because she is so active now!  Oh, and little Nikes...I want to buy Ella shox but Adam won't let me!

     Oh, thanks for asking...I am doing fairly well.  Really Adam yells at me all the time because I probably try to do too much, but there is really no reason to slow down.  I also really suck at taking pills and rarely remember and these are pills that I am slowly supposed to be weaned off of, so I can feel the fight in my heart most days because it doesn't know whether to slow down or go is a weird feeling but something that I am completely used too.  I think I have tried everything to remember my pills though and nothing is working.  It is so weird because somedays I can't get my heartrate up and others it is through the roof again...I am trying everything I can to avoid surgery, so that is #1 which is why I have to remember to take my pills.  Also, they tell me I am working out too much, but with what they have me eating and telling me not to over exert myself too much I would be getting EXTREMELY just wouldn't be good.  I hope thought that all goes well at my next appt.

    I am glad that you are doing better.  And I still think it is crazy that the cist made you nauseaus...I hope that doesn't happen again!  You have been through enough!

  • Girl you need to slow down!   :)   My sister remembers to take her pills by setting her cell phone to ring at the same time each day. That's the only way she'll remember. I had the same problem with prenatals but I'm forgetful by nature anyway.  lol! I keep hoping things get better for you and that you don't have to have surgery. I know that would put a strain on your whole family.

    Oh and I get cysts all the time. I usually know by some pain (not usually as intense) or by queasiness from the estrogen buildup they cause. It's not generally a big deal. It just so happens that this time they didn't dissolve and got too big. That's life. There are worse things. I'd be more concerned if I had a heart condition.  ;)

    Nobody said life would be easy. Just that it would be worth it.

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    <a href="">My cooking blog: Pickle Mom's Kitchen</a>
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