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Couch to 5k-ers

So I plan to start tomorrow. I know some of you have said that you have gotten the podcasts that do the timing for you. Do you have particular ones you like? Does one have better music than the others. Even if I hate the music, I'm going to start out with the podcasts until I am running for longer periods of time, because I don't want to deal with a stop watch.
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Re: Couch to 5k-ers

  • Yay, another couch to 5k-er! 

    Here are the podcasts I use:

    It's techno, which I don't mind. I get kind of sick of each one by the end of the week, but it's not that bad, and much better than keeping track myself. And the fellow who created them is pretty encouraging, which is nice, and will say things like "you're halfway through" or "only one minute left". I find them really helpful and while I'm looking forward to being able to run to my own music/podcasts, I will continue to use his through the entire program.

    Good luck!

  • I have been using Chubby Jones.  I think she's got a webpage where you can download in limewire, but I just downloaded them off iTunes for free.  My computer is messed up, so limewire doesn't work for me, so my options were only those available on iTunes.  There's another one on iTunes...Kiss My Black someone named Suzanne or Susan or something.  That one looks popular and like it has some good music too.

    The week 1 music I really sort of sounded like an upbeat version of an indie-movie soundtrack...kind of like Garden State or Royal Tennenbaums, if that makes any sense.  Week 2 was more dance music, I guess.  She also talks to you as you you encouragement, and as cheesy as this sounds, I like it.  She's very happy and soothing.

    Good luck with the program! 

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