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Lost...anyone on tonight?

That was the best episode so far. ?

Re: Lost...anyone on tonight?

  • I couldnt wait until someone posted about it!

     I knew Jeremy had to be Lock!!!!!!!!!!

  • erbur78erbur78 member
    Tenth Anniversary 2500 Comments 5 Love Its First Answer
    image ericanandy:

    I couldnt wait until someone posted about it!

     I knew Jeremy had to be Lock!!!!!!!!!!

    I screamed at the end of last night's episode when I saw the casket--"I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!!!!"

    I was in tears when Penny and Des saw each other, too.  What happened to the helicopter pilot and Des after the Oceanic 6 left the "Searching" boat?  Oh, and according to P&S this morning, if the clip of Kate answering the phone is played backward, it says something--can't get on their site from work, so if anyone can post what the clip says, please let me know!!!!

    I want to know what happened to all of the people on the island when it "moved."

  • OMG it was awesome!!!!!

     I also knew that it had to be John Locke!

    And I was crying when I saw penny!! tears tears tears! David was downstairs and he even yelled up saying "yes!!!!" when Penny's boat came. I am so happy that Desmond didn't die.

  • I was SO happy with the finale, I was so glad that they gave answers and didn't just leave us with a big cliffhanger. 

    Loved the scene with Penny and Desmond, I'm happy they put those two together.  I cannot wait for next season to start already!

  • In case anyone hasn't heard it...the backwards phone call was "the island needs have to go back."
  • How creepy was it when Christian Shepherd appeared to Michael before the boat blew up.  It's like he's the grim reaper. 

    Do you think the island needs them back because it's the only reason they're alive?  Maybe they never really survived the crash but the island granted them life back?  And now Charlotte was born on the island?  Did she ever see Ben this season because now I can't remember.

  • Ahh I knew it was Locke I think they were a little uncrafty with that since the alias name was also a philosopher.

    I am so freaking excited about Penny and Des, finally a love story on this show I can get behind, I loved when Jack said see you in another life brother when they left.

    I really like how Ben's character is developing.


  • Amazing!   Best episode of the series so far.  So many answers, set us up for a new season...I can't wait!

     I cried for Penny.  I gasped at everything.  Holy crap...I can't wait for it to come back!

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