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gel nails

My nails peel and crack so I was thinking of getting gel nails. Any reviews? Woulod you go to a spa type place ($65) or a nail salon ($28)

Re: gel nails

  • Sorry, no recs from me.  My nails are actually pretty perfect and I've never needed to get fake ones.
  • is that like the "crystal gel" they try to con me into putting on my nails? 

    sorry, no idea.  i don't bother with manis anymore, only pedis. 

  • honey, do you like crystal gel? 


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  • image kimarino13:

    honey, do you like crystal gel? 


     please get out of my head, klim. TIA!

  • I have gel nails and they are way better than acrylics. They don't lift and are thinner so they don't feel fake. It's sort of like the gel they try and sell you on to put on top of acrylics. I'm lucky and my brother's girlfriend does nails but it would still be worth the money. It's $35 for a fill but I can go a month no problem whereas with acrylics I was paying 15-20 bucks for a fill every two weeks and they started looking bad after a week and a half. Hope that helps :)
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  • I got acrylics for my wedding and they were great, but then when I went to get them "filled" whomever did them did a crappy job and now they have a weird "peel" like texture to them.

    There is a place in NB that does gels that I hear are really wonderful.  I'm thinking about getting them done, too.  At least it wouldn't hurt to try, but they are a little pricey.  Gotta try something once, non? 

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