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PA Puppy Mills

The Oprah episode with Lisa Ling's undercover report on PA Puppy Mills aired again today.  She read a letter from PA Gov. Ed Rendell. He is asking PA residents to help gather support to pass new laws.

See what you can do and where to send a letter here:

You want House Bill 2525 to pass.

Bill 2525:
This bill overhauls Pennsylvania's Dog Law to address the problem of large scale commercial dog breeding facilities, or "puppy mills." This bill would define "commercial kennels" as any facility that sells dogs to a dealer or pet shop or sells more than 60 dogs per year. It also establishes additional protections for the dogs raised in commercial kennels, including requirements about food and water, shelter, vet care, and housing. This bill also establishes stronger protections for breeding dogs over the age of 12 weeks, prohibiting stacking of wire cages and requiring increased space and vet care.

Also look at House Bill 1065 and 2532.

Bill 1065:
H.B. 1065 prohibits tethering of dogs between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. as well as the use of a choke, chain, pinch or prong-type collar and requires that the chain used to tether a dog be at least six feet long or five times the length of the dog, whichever is longer. The bill also requires food, shelter and water be accessible to the tethered dog.

Bill 2532:
Prohibits tail docking, debarking and surgical birth, unless performed by a veterinarian under anesthesia.

J1 1.19.07
J2 11.17.08

Re: PA Puppy Mills

  • thanks for posting this!Dog

     i couldn't even watch the commercials for the show...i literally started crying at the promo for the show.Crying


    Puppy Mills and the Breeders that do this should all rot in hell and if I can send them there myself, I would.Devil

     I would even go so far as to pass a bill that said no Pet Shops selling caged animals ....especially the ones that don't let them out for hours at a time....but that's extreme to many.

    Hopefully, enough people will send this message to the big wigs.Wink

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