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What's your poison?

AKA favorite drink?

?Mine usually is a lemon margarita (skinny girl margie!) or a good red wine with dinner but today, in honor of SATC coming out- I'm having a cosmo at happy hour.


What's your drinky poo of choice??

Re: What's your poison?

  • Anything fruity to mask the taste of alcohol.
    I'm weak.
  • Beer - I love a good hef

    Hard - Mandarin and Diet Sprite

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  •  pear greygoose and sprite...yummy.
  • midori sour.

    real answer: a shot of petron 

  • Anything girlie really. Wine I need to have with food to enjoy it and I hate beer.

    My go to drink was an appletini for a long time but it seems less and less bartenders can make it without tasting like green gasoline lately so I'm hunting for a new lo cal fav

  • I loved cosmos before SATC began airing, but lately I've been wary of ordering them because most places use too much juice. I mostly order wine these days, but I'll order a vodka gimlet or sidecar if I'm in a cocktail mood.
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  • Y_L: Have you ever tried Maredsous tripple brewed beer?

    SO GOOD! And you know me I hate beer!?

  • Rasberry stoli and 7 up.  It's like candy.
  • This week?

     Beer.....I am ok with a Coors light, but if I am feeling lavish, I will splurge on Amstel light.

  • Vodka tonic

    I enjoy a good beer or margarita on occasion as well.

  • i'm an equal opportunity drinker.

    like wine, although my palette isn't all that refined/discerning.

    hard: vodka collins or vodka tonic

    i like most beer from bud light to lindemann's lambic framboise and peche. faves are probably any lambic or boddington's.

  • Same here Wemo!


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