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weekly CC restaurant discussion

i am looking for a restaurant for saturday night.

entrees 20 or less. can be byo or not.

dining with unadventurous eaters. no mexican;no asian;no seafood

italian their first choice always. they have dined at bridgids and really liked that but i want to go somewhere new.trying to branch!

my initial thoughts are james; supper; pumpkin (can anyone advise me if they are $$$$).


Re: weekly CC restaurant discussion

  • can you get into marigold?

    james and supper and pumpkin will easily break your price point...i think

    i think that La Locunda de ghiottone might meet your italian and price point.  3rd and cherry.  plus pool at Charlie's before or after.

     Can spanish work  - if so i'll throw out Apamate ....again.

    or how about the one-belled Sonam on South street....laban gave it one bell but meldot was giving it at least 2 bells (well, she doesn't dole out bells but she liked it very much)

    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • What about Spasso on front street?  I hear they deliver a very good quality meal.
    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • Marigold is booked.

    spanish is a no-go.

    will check out la locunda. 3rd and cherry is a dif neighborhood for us and if its nice out - would be a nice walk.

    sonam is asain. too adventurous.


  • the photos of the dinner on the spasso website look wilty. they're not selling it!
  • and the winner is: CITY TAVERN.Party!!!

    i'm finally going to try it! i'm going to wear my martha washington wig and 'let freedom ring' liberty bell t-shirt.


  • chick!  when you say under $20.....i believe you.
    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • I got the green light to bump it a bit - after we saw our limited options.

    saturdays are tough to book two days ahead of time!

    have you been to le virtu? they got a good right up in the paper. they are booked though.


  • ok - here's my take on stuff.  City Tavern is going to be more money that what the food is worth - but, i think that the kitschy  factor is worth something.  i am sorta kinda worried that you won't like your meal, though.  I would be totally super happy if  you come back with rave reviews.  really!

    I have been to Le Virtu (it was on my list for you last week ...when you ended up at Devil's Alley...not on my list).  I liked it tons. Small menu, friendly people.  i had lobster cappelini which was divine. and the fried olives were also grand.

    PS:  might be having dinner with the ILs this weekend - among some on a list of could-be's:  Le bar lyonnais, cochon, coquette, gayle.  or none of them. 

    this is making me hungry.

    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • it is the out of towner kitch we are going for. plus outdoor seating. plus i just have to try it. it's been too long. plus our dining companions tastes in americana and stuff. they will like it.

    i have heard great things about Gayle, and liked the space of coquette - but was a little bored w/ the food. haven't been to le bar lyonase or cochon.

     i am a little uninterested in cochon i think. but report back.

    le virtu was too out of the way last week from where we were going. would be perfect saturday but they are booked.  

    i too am hungry. there is a random bowl of mixed nuts in the break room though. i think i shall dive in.

  • I think a South Philly staple like Ralph's, or The Saloon, or Tre Scalini would be a nice touch too.

    Rum - Zinc?  Been?

  • nope - not to Zinc!  i haven't heard a ton of whispers about it - have you been?  did you like it ? loveface said it was "meh".

    who is going to go to James first? Who?

    and i want to go to snack bar some day


    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • No, haven't been or heard anything, so maybe I'll cross it off the list.  I haven't done the other French bistros yet (Caribou and Beau Monde) and it sounds like these are better.

    My bet on James is Loveface.  I can't see me going anytime soon, unless you edge her out.  Can you do it?

    Went to Snack Bar for wine when it first opened, no food.  Experience was just eh, but based on atmosphere only.  I may have been influenced by the snobby drunk model-types and power money men, turned my friend and I off about the place.  I'd definitely give it another go though.

  • we went to Caribou - same people as zinc, right? - in ...january...and were soooo not excitd about it.

    what about Swallow - the new, horribly named, bistro in No Libs...totally frenchy french?

    in other news , the bar that is my favorite in the world JUST reopened - Sassafras on second street (across from the Plough).  its very very very exciting .  i cannot wait to check it out ...again!  (me thinks we are double dating with friends tomorrow night...its where I met MrBourbon).

    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • Caribou cafe is Meh to me. I like the atmosphere - but meh on food.

    Beau Monde is both great in atmosphere and food. I have had the savory and the dessert creepes. but are good. i prefer the dessert. Mostly b/c i can eat chocolate for dinner.

    I also like the dancing upstairs at l'etage.

    we've tried 3 times to go to James - but it books up on the weekends.

  • Zinc


    Beau Monde


    Got it.


    Not heard of the No Libs place.  Sassafras was previously my favorite burger spot.  Didn't realize it was closed, just renovating?  Keeping the same concept?


    H sent me the Table Talk article saying the new mexican bar/lounge Azul Cantina sounds up my alley.  10th and Locust.  Something new popping up east of broad everyday.

  • Hmm, that's funny.  Formatting is off.  I'm crossing both Zinc and Caribou off the list.
  • Sass is under the ownership of a group of guys, which  includes a former bartender (who also managed Eulogy and who also owns Serran/tin Angel now and he is a great great great guy).  And apparently they've brought back some former bartenders (crossing fingers for this guy Bob).  . 


    see this:

    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • i was just reading about azul cantina

    you know wher else I want to try? Bindi - the lolita owner's indian restaurant. we went over there to eat on a monday, but they were closed. but lolita was open!

  • i loved the Bindi review!  good reminder, SD.

    do either of you - or anyone else - have any commentary abotu Zihav - the new israeli joint in society hill?

    PS: went to Pico de Gallo the day we left for FL - great chips n salsa.  great puffy tacos.  totally diff baja fish tacos. not great (no cabbage, no cream sauce, not fried fish, that isn't right...i mean it can be a fish taco but not a baja fish taco).  BUT the server was a gem who comped us a small pitcher of margs since our food was simply forgotten in the first place. 

    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • i only know what i read about in the paper. it looked interesting but not delicious to me. i need to wait for the buzz.

    last minute, but i am going out tonite w/ my momsy. i certainly have a lot of good ideas from this conversation.

    i just cheked out the gayle menu - the skate looks good. not sure if its up her alley.

    sonam looks confused but interesting. the himachi nachos looks good. the smores looks interesting in a top chef trying really hard to be clever wya.  but we may try it since we are in that neigb.

    will report back.

    have a good night!


  • Go to Dimitris on 23rd and Pine.

    Done and Done.

    (City Tavern is for tourists and generally sucks.) 

  • meldotmeldot member
    Eighth Anniversary 1000 Comments Combo Breaker

    I'm late to this but wanted to throw my 2 cents in cause I'm an AW like that.

    what about mercato?? yummm

    as for sonam-very disappointing review. Now, some of the stuff laban did not like were shellfish things and therefore things i can't eat. the chicken sliders truly are amazing. anyway, i still like them sonam quite a bit.

    but then, i also don't like elvez, and i know that's a favorite....;) 

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