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June GTG

Since Mrs. Reem always does all the work, I'll jump in and organize this one. Does Sunday afternoon work? What Sundays in June are bad for y'all? Let's keep it simple and do a patio since the weather is hopefully getting more predictable. Anyone have objections to Jimmy's on 8th Street in WDM? Sorry if this sounds bossy flossy... it's too hard to get a consensus among everyone :)
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Re: June GTG

  • I have yet to come to one of these. The 8th is out for me, the 22nd would work about the best.
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  • The last 2 Sundays work best for me and that location is fine. I don't think your bossy-flossy. That's how things get done. Wink
  • lucylealucylea member

    The 1st and 8th are out for me, but otherwise I think my Sundays are free in June. 

     Thanks for taking charge!

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  • I would like to come to this one!  The 15th and 29th are out for me, but do what works best for everyone!
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  • I'm free any Sunday except the 22nd.  I think...  People tend to plan things for me, and not tell me until Friday.  :(  And I know very few restaurants, so I trust you that that's tasty.  :)

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  • As of now, I am free any Sunday but Father's Day.
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  • I'm open all but the first weekend
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  • Father's Day is out for me too.  I think we are having our nestie garage sale on the 14th, so I'm not sure how everyone would feel about that Sunday.  I think I'm open every other weekend.

    Jimmy's sounds good to me!  Thanks for taking the initiative!


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  • Every Sunday is good for me also except for the 15th and 29th (DH's big 10 year class reunion-yikes!!)
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  • gidgegidge member
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    June is pretty busy for me this year, so I'll yield to the majority and hope it's planned for a weekend I can go Smile


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  • Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I think I'm free every Sunday except for fathers day and the restaurant sounds great!

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  • I'm OOT on Father's Day also, but I believe I'm free the rest of the month. I'm hoping I can make it to this GTG, especially if it's nice outside.
  • I'm ok with anytime in June, except for Saturday the 21st :-)

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  • Thanks for taking the initiative!  I can't do June 8th. 
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