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So, our friend J told us about a house on sale in orange.

 4 bedrooms, 2 bathroooms, huge back yard GOOD neighborhood priced super low for $370,000.  Indifferent

 Hubs and I jumped on it- called the realtor only to find out its off the market- someone made an offer YESTERDAY.


It was so pretty- gorgeous walk way, great back yard set up- beautiful living room with a gorgeous fireplace. The bathrooms were complete with whirl pool tubs.

Oh well. Not ours- there will be something else for us out there.

I'm just sad we missed out Crying

It was a great deal ya know? So I'm bummed and just needed to vent.

<vent />

Re: =(

  • Awww that blows!!! BUT atleast you know that something better must be out there for you guys!! Big Smile
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  • Wow, that is a crazy deal.  Don't worry, there are tons of great deals on houses now.  It just wasn't the right place.
  • Can you put in a back up offer in case the first one falls through?
  • Your place is out there. I know it's heartbreaking, but you'll find your place.

    If it makes you feel any better, I'm SURE that house did not sell for asking price.  They probably priced it low to get attention.  I have a friend that put out a couple offers (in Laguna I think) at $50k OVER asking and was still denied.  Also, NorCal is right, maybe you could put in a back up offer, places fall out of escrow all the time.

  • Everything for a reason Yahee!  I'm sorry you were disappointed on this one, I hope the right one comes along at the right time.  I'm sure it will.
  • I know how you feel! We went through a lot of those before we got our place. We even entered escrow on a house and then lost it (long story the guy and his agent were crazy). I know it is hard but just remember, everything happens for a reason! We ended up getting a much nicer place for a better deal.

  • I feel better this morning after some hours rest. I really was bummed last night.


    I agree with you APK I think the same thing and I agree with everyone else about how we'll find something else. The market will stay low for at least another 6 months which gives us more time to be prepared and find something we really would be happy with.

     It was just such a great deal- you should have seen it. Its not even on MLS anymore for me to link. Oh well.



  • What a bummer! But there will be something else out there for you guys! Don't sweat it!
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  • Sorry, A! It'll happen when the time is right.
  • wow! that is a great deal! you never know they might fall out of escrow! I want something like that too!!!!
  • Awww, sorry A!  Good to know there are still SFRs under $400k out there!
  • Aline, where is it? I'll throw rocks at their windows :)
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  • If this had been 18+ months ago, I would have a different response but given the changes in the market I'm SURE you'll see more like that and the right house will cross your path when the time is right - I promise. :)

     But it wouldn't hurt to put a backup offer in, escrow falls out all of the time (escrow fell out four times on our previous house - FOUR different buyers).

  • Sorry to hear that! We live in Orange, so if you need any help let us know. Our friend is also a realtor and quite familiar with the area.

    Good luck!

  • ditto on making a back-up offer. Especially if the people whose offer was accepted are contingent on selling their own place.  When we purchased our house in March, the reason our offer was accepted over other identical offers is that we weren't contingent on anything.  Can't hurt.  Good luck!

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