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Yay for 3-day weekends! :-D

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

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  • I had a nice long weekend...and even got some work done. Yay!

    Friday: Went out in Newport for the Lakers game, got like 10 of us kicked out of a bar I've been going to for almost 10 years. :- I'm so HC + L.

    Saturday: Off to the valley for my cousin's wedding celebration - RD at his new place in Simi Valley

    Sunday: Hung out with the fam, wedding in Glendale

    Monday: Hung out with the fam more, came home and did some fussing with the computer and got some grading done

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  • YL, you got kicked out of the bar?!?!  Nice!  You just went up like 10 cool points in my book!

    Friday: hung out at home and chilled out.

    Sat: Ran for the first time in for-ev-er!  Felt great to get back out there.

    Sun: Book gtg!  I now have plenty of books to get me through the summer.  yay! Watched an am-a-zing Lakers game.  Big Smile

    Mon: H and I had some people over for dinner.  Watched the Pistons win and the Wings win.  It's a good time for Detroti sports right now.  Big Smile

  • We had a weekend of family time with my H's fathers side in Boston. It was nice but I'm so glad to be back. I'm tired of traveling!

  • APK - Yes, it was pretty amazing. I am a hardcore chick.

    Oh, and YES, that walk-off walk that the Tigers gave up to the Angels was a high point for Detroit sports FOR SURE! Wink

    (BTW, if it ends up being a Lakers Pistons final, MH totally wants to watch some games with you guys)

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  • yay for long weekends and short weeks!

    friday - packed
    saturday - flew all day to rhode island.  ate "dinner" at a convenience store in middle of nowhere massachusetts.  yum.
    sunday - roasted all day and watched my baby brother graduate.  then had a delicious dinner in downtown providence.
    monday - started my day off right with dunkin' donuts coffee & bagels.  flew back.  unpacked.  lazed about.  caught up on sleep.  so nice.

    i hope for the lakers' sake the pistons don't win.  or that it at least goes to game 7.


  • Yay for 4 day work weeks!

    Saturday we relaxed at home, watched the Angel game and then went to dinner at OC Mining Co...yummm  *side story for saturday* the hubs was looking us random things on of them being "karaokefest" was a contest I was in almost 5 years ago and he wanted to see if it came up at all...anyways...he does a search and clicks on a random video...lo and behold...there is Y_L in all her glory singing Since You've Been Gone! I was like...I know those girls I swear! It was APK who I saw first to trigger that it was nesties....Y_L you are an internet superstar!!!  That was my random saturday internet find!

    Sunday we had a BBQ at my mom's house and then went to Karaoke! So fun on a Sunday when you dont have to work the next day!

    Yesterday we celebrated our 1 year anniversary with staying home and watching the Angel game! cooked din din and then ate some year old cake! it was fabulous!!

    The strongest little girl I know <3
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  • We had an exciting weekend of...spring tired Sleep
  • can't even remember what we did.... oh yeah!

    Fri: went over to friends house to play Wii. it was fun but being PG don't go well with throwing arms around "bowling" or playing "tennis"... my shoulder popped out and I was sore after 30mins of playing... so I was benched for the rest of the night :P

     Sat: Friend's wedding, that was over in few hours... sometimes I just love typical Korean wedding, ceremony, food and run! got to see my old college friends. Came home picked up our doggy and went to San Diego for another dog's 21st birthday... they don't have kids yet so it's a doggy dog world!!! that was a lot of fun! of course my dog, Millie took all the toys and ran around the house like she was the queen :) little brat!

    Sun: went to OC fair grounds for some exercise :P and shopping for some random stuff for the cruise that we are going on this weekend...
    had dinner at Crab Cooker at Balboa Island... drove down to Laguna Beach on the way home and had desert at friend's work... came home and crashed...

    Mon: House cleaning... invited friends over for BBQ ribs! and some ROck Band! fun times!!!



    That's hillarity. I posted that on youtube. oops.


    Next one needs to be 10years with Beauty and the Beast.?

  • Ugh the more I hear about Rockband the more hubs echoes in my ears.
  • We were in San Diego visiting friends, had to come home early because I caught a cold...figures.


  • I did a lot of organizing this weekend.  Sun was book club and I got a few good books to read!  yay!  I was also able to unload a lot of my books!  

    Yesterday MH and I ran errands, grocery shopping, drove down the coast just to check it out.  

    That's about it!  Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

  • image Young_Love:

    APK - Yes, it was pretty amazing. I am a hardcore chick.

    Oh, and YES, that walk-off walk that the Tigers gave up to the Angels was a high point for Detroit sports FOR SURE! Wink

    (BTW, if it ends up being a Lakers Pistons final, MH totally wants to watch some games with you guys)

    YL, I dont understand this non-playoff game jargon you speak of.   

    It's so on if the Pistons and Lakers end up in the finals together!!  

  • I had a FANTASTIC weekend of doing nearly nothing!

    Friday: went out to lunch with a friend, came home and hung out with MH for the rest of the night in

    Saturday: not a damn thing during the day and dinner with friends at The Melting Pot...mmmm

    Sunday: after tons of ridiculousness, the house finally got cleaned and we bbq'd

    Monday: a little more cleaning, some grocery shopping, and grilling again for dinner


    good times :)

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