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Tell me about Anchorage

My DH wants to move there. Ive never lived anywhere but here (washington state) I'm really nervous, we just had a baby and all of my friends and family are here. What is it like there, is there lots to do? and how is the residental contruction business? (my dh wants to move there for work, he is a contractor) Just wondering if anyone can ease my nerves and tell me a little bit about it!?

Re: Tell me about Anchorage

  • Jhil--this board is pretty much dead, as you can see.  I lived in Anchorage back in the 80's but my parents still live in Wasilla, north of Anchorage, and I was just back in Wasilla and Anchorage over the holidays.

    My dad is in construction.  My experience with it is that one can be unemployed Dec-Feb because of the weather (sometimes longer), so keep that in mind.

    As for Anchorage, there are a lot of sites to see in the city and nearby, skiing/sledding/ice skating, etc.  When it gets really cold, we used to go to movies a lot.  The darkness factor in the winter will get to you your first year there.

    Summer, however, is amazing!  Daylight for long hours, a lot more to do outside (lots of hiking and day trips to do), and there's always places to travel in state.

    The good news for you is that its not a long flight (3 hours) back to Seattle and there are many flights so sometimes you can get a good rate back down for visits. 

    We moved in 83 from Oregon and my mom was homesick for a while, but we did manage to go back to visit family and they came up to visit so that helped.

    Good luck with your decision!

  • My DH moved from Valdez Alaska to Anchorage for most of high school.  I stayed there for the summer once and I was bored.  It sounds terrible of me because it is beautiful but I need more city and restaurants.
  • DH taught high school in Barrow and said Anchorage was pretty cool, there is more scenery in Anchorage, Barrow is mostly ICE
  • I there- I saw your page to me the other day....Maybe you'll see this.

    I live in SE AK- but flexiblebride lives in Anchorage and she can help you.  SHe's on ML in the evenings.  Or email me and I will pass your info onto to her, if you'd like.

    [email protected]
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  • I will be in Anchorage 5/27 through 5/31.  If anyone can recommend their favorite sightseeing spots or touristy spots, I'd really appreciate it.


  • I can't believe no responses about Anchorage.  I hope I don't get bored while I'm there.
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