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suggest a neuro (migraines)

Hi, I don't post here most of the time but I really need to find a new neurologist. I have migraine headaches, and my current doctor just keeps increasing the dosage of medicine I'm on... but the stuff is not really working! If anybody has any suggestions for me that would be wonderful, because it's really hard to find a doctor that is sympathetic and understanding with migraines I think. Most just try to keep upping the dosage of pills... and my goal is to NOT have to take 5 pills every night! Thanks!

Re: suggest a neuro (migraines)

  • I read your saga on MM and I really hope you find someone who will listen to you and will work in your best interest! ?I had forgotten you were in the KC area! ?As you said you were going to do, I would certainly check out KU Med and see if they can help in any way.


    Good luck!?

  • Yeah, I'm going to call them on Tuesday.  I think there is a looong wait though. Hopefully my regular one will call me back finally!
  • This is odd but you may try talking with your other doctors - family/obgyn - I have suffered from migraines since I was a kid and began seeing a neurologist in high school.  I had all sorts of tests done and then he basically just gave me pain pills to take on an as needed basis but they also knocked me out so I couldn't do anything.  He was really unwilling to look into any of the newer meds.  When I talked to my obgyn about it at my next appointment she gave me a prescription for imitrex and it has been fabulous.  She also worked on finding me a BC pill that helped minimize the migraines.
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  • My family doctor is the one who said I needed to go to a neurologist. For awhile she was treating me in her office with preventative stuff, but when that quit working she didn't know what else to do. So, here I am :) I found a website that suggested two different doctors in Overland Park, I think I will call them and see if I can meet with them and maybe talk to them before I really go there.. can you interview doctors? Lol
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