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Ugh..Shower Question.. WWYD?

My mom asked me for a guest list for my shower.  Originally each mother (my mom, his mom and his stepmom) was going to plan their own shower.  Right before the holidays though we found out his mom's cancer is back and she has started chemotherapy, so my mom is going to combine their two showers.  I just don't know who to invite, my husband's family is not that close, we only see his aunts and uncles once a year - if that.  But I have been invited to all of their kids' showers, etc.  I just feel bad sending an invite to someone I barely see... I asked my DH what he thought and he was like "Do what you want.."  I don't want to ask his mom, because she has enough on her plate right now..

What would you do?

Re: Ugh..Shower Question.. WWYD?

  • I would extend the invite to his family after making sure this was okay for your mom who's hosting. I think your MIL may appreciate that you included her family since she can't throw a shower anymore. I'll keep your MIL in my thoughts & prayers.
  • I think just ask your mom how many would be okay to invite first, then invite the closest people on dh's side to the shower.  Your MIL would definitely appreciate the gesture of you including her family.  Good luck to your MIL!  That is certainly very stressful to deal with!
  • I would ask your mom how many guest the budget will allow and go from there.

    once you know how many people the budget will allow, ask your mil who she would like to invite and let her know the budget and a range of how many people her guest list can include.

    While what she is going through is difficult, I would imagine she would also like to be included in the planning and would welcome the distraction from her treatments and such.

    I am with you on not inviting people you barely see but I think mil have a different perspective on it than we do mil invited some of her friends to my shower that I didn't even know, very awkward but I try to pick my battles and that was the last thing she was going to host for us, so I let it go :-)

    good luck!


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