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Royally frustrated!

I live (unfortunately) in Newport, VT for the next year. There are very little options in terms of OBs in this area. In fact, there are only 3.

 Dr. Peck, who I refuse to work with anyway, is cutting down his days to half time as it is.

Leselie, the midwife is on maternity leave,

We have Dr. Stewart who is wonderful... BUT, he's so wonderful that he's impossible to get ahold of.

My main issue is his nurse... she does not listen whatsoever. WHATSOEVER. This is very frustrating. She also:                            

-mistekenly marked me down as 2 weeks ahead of where I am, which alarmed the doctor when he looked at my ultra sound. This causea LOT of stress and unneeded work for amny involved!

-forgot to call me with my test results, for something and when she did she informed me I am pregnant. Well no crap! That isn't the test I was looking for!

-Took 5 hours to return my call, and when she did, did not even answer my question.


I REALLY want to have Dr. Stewart but am so frustrated by his nurse I can't stand it!!



Sorry, just needed to vent!

Re: Royally frustrated!

  • That stinks! How frustrating!! I was with my sister when she delivered with both Dr. Peck and Dr. Stewart and I really like Dr. Stewart. If I was in that area I would go to him too. I hope that it works out and that his nurse gets things together a little bit better! Good luck!
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  • I am sorry you are going through that! I hope you can talk to you doctor about your concerns. That would stress me out. I totally understand!
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  • We met with our doctor yesterday who totally understood. He said it was fine to request to speak with him directly, but it may just take a bit longer to receive a call back. He also said to feel free to ask tons of questions when I see him at the gym, which I thought was nice!



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