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Spring fever

Does anyone besides me have spring fever? I so wish I could be outside in the sun working in my garden, but unfortunately, my yard is covered in ice right now.

I just can't wait for those first flowers to pop up!

Re: Spring fever

  • We're in FL so it's great weather but we had a couple freezes a little while ago - so everything is brown/ugly but the weather makes you think it's summer. Pointless to plant anything but horrid to see too!
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  • I get that feeling as soon as the leaves are off the trees.  Sadly, I have quite a few months to go until I'm back outside working in the yard again!
  • Kind of, but I just moved into my house last year and didn't have time to do my landscaping this past Spring/Summer so I'm looking forward to doing it next year.
  • I dont get spring fever until February. I am still relieved that gardening is done for a few months. :) I love it, but it consumes me.
  • My spring fever doesn't start until the end of January, usually, but then it's a looooooooooong 2 months until the possibility of sun and outdoor activities, here.

  • Oh, here it's a long cold winter too! We will probably be able to run outside without a coat in April or so. I think the ground will thaw in March.

    I just don't know what to do with myself this winter. I can think of a few things, but I am definately getting chubby sitting around eating holiday meals and not being able to go outside.

  • I'm usually ok during Dec & Jan, but we get what we call "the January Thaw" which is a few days in January where the weather gets a bit warmer, the snow melts and it makes you really want the spring time to come, and then we get slammed with another snow storm and that pretty much kills the feelings.
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  • I was just coming here to post the  same thing.  We had one day in the 50s this weekend and now I'm itching for spring.

    DH and I went and bought a book on Wisconsin & Minnesota Perennials yesterday afternoon and then I spent last night working on a landscape plan for the yard.  Managed to get the property, house, garage and front beds done and to-scale.  Once the snow melts I'm going to measure out the backyard and add it so we have a current master plan before making any changes.

  • I got a big book for Xmas from my mom called "Yard and Garden Projects" from the Better Homes & Garden collection.

    I was drooling over all the pictures and cool projects and I've been desperate for spring ever since!

    I have a long time to wait though. Winter in Wisconsin doesn't really end until April. Crying 

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