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Need Ideas

Hello All!!!  I was hoping you all could help me out with a few ideas.  My FI and I live together and have for almost three years.  However, we rarely see eachother before bedtime because of weird work schedules.  Anyways, we have both decided to plan weekend getaways for February and March.  I'll surprise him with one and then he'll surprise me.  Well, i've decided on a weekend in a really nice resort in our city with a giant jacuzzi tub, fireplace, skylights, balcony, pools, the works.  Well I'm in need of ideas on how to make it more than just a two night stay in a hotel room.  I know that I want to put candles everywhere and cook a romantic dinner for him in the huge kitchen and maybe have a little fun by the fireplace.  But after that my creativity dies.  I'm already planning on lingerie and all that and don't really want any porn or anything.  Just a sweet romantic "us" weekend.  Any ideas are very appreciated!!!

Re: Need Ideas

  • Sensual massage.

    You will probably have to leave your room occasionally, though.  Pick out some new places to visit, some random activities, museum, beer tasting at a local brewery, tour a historic home, etc.  Chances are, you've never done all the touristy tours in your own home town.  We're always like, "Um, what should we do now?"  Sex is good, but leave the room for a minute so the maid can get in and change your sheets.  :) 

  • Give him what every man wants. Bring in another woman for a 3-some. Now that will surprise him.
  • You don't have to have a threesome to please him .. ignore that poster.

    Don't stress out about it too much. Worrying that everything needs to be perfect just puts a forced, "we're doing this because this is what they do in the movies" feel to it.

    Drink some champagne, talk about some of your favorite memories as a couple, take some time to just kiss and touch with no sex, listen to your song (if you have one) and show dance to it. I think playing jazz music from the 40's is super romantic and sexy, too. Try "The Very Thought of You" by Billie Holiday, "The Way You Look Tonight" .. stuff like that :)


  • I second the idea of music. I am planning a special evening next week and I am working to build my playlist right now. I recommend upbeat or sexy types of songs that you two like, and maybe go from a slow tempo and graduate the songs up to a faster tempo
  • image binzy2524:
    Give him what every man wants. Bring in another woman for a 3-some. Now that will surprise him.

    I can't believe anyone would even suggest this.  That's not an "us" weekend. And not every man wants a 3-some. 

    I agree with previous posters about doing something around your own city that you wouldn't ordinarily do.  Something touristy.  Or maybe if there your city has a beautiful skyline you could make dinner reservations somewhere that you could take in the scenery. 

    I've never done this (but would like to)... maybe try a sexy scavenger hunt?  Hide things like a CD of romantic music that you made, some candles, some massage oil, maybe some toys if you want all in different places with notes leading him to the next one... by the time he finds all of the goodies he will be bursting with excitement & anticipation!


  • Snowday,

    Thanks for making my husband smile; he loves your signature line.

  • Thanks everyone for all the ideas!  I checked into it and the resort doesn't offer massages :(  But I'm definitely liking the idea of the scavenger hunt.  Maybe I'll leave something like that at the house for him to find out about the surprise...instead of just telling him.  I'll have him meet me there.  Like leave the cd, lingerie, champagne, and a room key hid around our house and have him figure it out hehehe.  Thanks so much everyone!  Hope you're having a great day!
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