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Average gas bill?

I know this isn't a normal NYE question, but we're having a quiet night at home, so I was doing some bills...

What's your average gas bill for this time of year if you have gas heat? Ours was $80 in November and then $200 for December. It seems so high to me given that we keep our heat on 58 during the day and when we're asleep. We basically just have it on for a few hours when we get home, but I do set it around 68-70 then and on the weekends when we're home. Of course, we also use it for our water and our dryer, I think. 

Re: Average gas bill?

  • Ours was $300 last month for 3 adults in the house.  I cranked the heat down after that bill.  I hope I see a difference next bill.  DH is the one who keeps bumping it up a little. 
  • Ours was $180 last month.  We are in a rowhouse, but an end unit.  I have friends who live in a middle rowhouse and theirs tends to be much less expensive.

    Like you we keep ours down during most of the day... we do leave it up overnight though.

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  • This time of year, $75 or less.

    We keep it at 63ish when we are gone and 68 when we are home (which includes when we're sleeping).  I think *part* of the reason it's so low may be because we installed a 96% efficient furance when we moved in.

    edited: also, we have smallish SFH that uses gas for hot water & dryer

  • Our last one was $270... that included Thanksgiving, and about a weeks worth of having guests.  We keep our heat around 68... and that's to heat a small (1400 sqft) SFH in MoCo.
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  • Our previous bill like you was in the $80 range and the one we just got is in the $200 range.  Not sure what it was other than the heat running more.  I'm home all the time with Nicholas so I don't have it set to change much during the day (maybe a degree).  It's set around 68/69 degrees.  I hope next months doesn't go up more!
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  • My jaw hit the floor when I saw the most recent bill - $250, and we only had 2 houseguests for Thanksgiving.  The bill before that was $120... I thought it was really odd that it was more than double.

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  • Ours was 40 in November and 120 in December. We live in an end unit townhouse and have gas for heat and water, and usually only have the heat on when we're home at night.

  • we live in a middle unit TH. gas for cooking, water and heat. our bill is usually around $100 during the winter months and $40 during the summer months. i keep the heat around 72.
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  • DH keeps reminding me that November was a very cold month.

    With that, our bill for Oct/Nov was $140
    Nov/Dec was $352 (this included thanksgiving with 7 adults and 2 children here, so we had to up the heat, because they aren't used to the temp we keep the house at. also out hot water is gas and the cook top)

    We have a SFH with dual zone units and programmable thermostats.
    69 when we are home and 65 when we aren't.

    i noticed yesterday that even with all the wind, my heat clicked off at 9:30AM and didn't come back on until 4:30PM when it got down to 65. Nice to know it didn't run for 5 hours yesterday.

  • Thanks for all the info! This makes me feel better that our bill was normal. It's our first year in our house, so we weren't exactly sure what to expect. It's a 3+ bedroom SFH, so it sounds like our bill was fine. I'll have to look into getting a more efficient furnace like Kastle's though. That sounds like a big money-savings.
  • Could you ask your gas company if they have a budget plan? Our bill is $80 a month and sometimes we use all of it (winter months) and others we don't (usually in the summer when we use a bit more electric for the AC) Usually throughout the year we build up some reserve (our bill for Dec which is due in 3 days is $0.77) Our townhome is 3 levels and a little over 2300 sq. feet if that helps. Plus our stove is gas.

  • We just moved into our home in October so we're still trying to figure this out.  We have a rather large SFH and our last bill was $280.  We have 2 HVACs - one that is gas and one that is electric.  We haven't turned the one upstairs (the electric one) on because we haven't been up there, but I think all of the heat from our living room is drifting up there.  We've closed the doors to any rooms we are not using and that has seemed to help.  DH thinks that using electric space heaters will reduce our bills, but I'm not so sure.  We turn it down to 63 during the day and when we're sleeping and keep it at 68 when we're there and awake (which is too cold for me, but I'm trying to adjust).

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