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Dyson Animal

DH and I are thinking about buying the Dyson Animal.  We have one cat that sheds like we have 10.  If you have one or have used one, please give me your raves(or rants) so I can justify the puchase.

Re: Dyson Animal

  • We have the Dyson D17 Animal & LOVE it. I highly recommend. We got ours as a wedding gift, but you can use the 20% off coupons on BB&B.

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  • That's a great idea!  If we get it, we will use a 20% off coupon from BB&B.

  • My mom has one and even though she usually gets carpets cleaned once a year it is amazing how much hair is not picked up by professionals until she got the dyson :-D

  • Honestly, it is worth every penny!  The first time we used it, I could not believe how much hair came up that my previous vacuum missed. Our puppers has two coats of fur so she sheds like crazy and we also have a cat. Like pp said, we used the BB&B coupon and saved $100 or so off.
  • We have 1 dog which I am surprised she has any hair left b/c of what I find on the floor. We have the D17 as well and have no complaints. It is seriously the best vacuum, we wouldn't use anything else. It is amazing how much it picks up out of the carpet!

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  • we have it and LOVE it.  Also used the 20% off coupon at BBB
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  • Love it!  I have a maincoon cat (hence the name PreciesMom) and it picks up all her hair...she sheds a lot and I'm a clean freak.  I went through, literally, three vacuums before we bought the animal.  It was the best purchase ever despite it being a lot of money...even my cheap husband commented on how glad he was that we (well, I) bought it!  It is totally worth the up front cost! 
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  • My Dyson is the BEST PURCHASE i EVER MADE. I have had the basic model Dyson(its yellow) for almost 5 years with no problems except replacing the cord when my great dane chewed it in half! From what i was told when I purchased it the models are are basically the same with different attachments. My husband and I opted for the basic model because they had a floor model on sale.  My mom has the animal and she loves hers too.  Hers is even older than mine.  I would opt for the basic model and save yourself a lot of money verses the animal.. We have 2 large dogs and it gets up all their hair.  Our worked so well and the suction is even strong enough to pull Linoleum off the floor! Whichever model you choose I think its a great purchase! Good luck and enjoy it.


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