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Credit Cards

Right now we don't have a credit card. We just use our debit cards for everything. We want something to help build our credit. We would pay it off every month.

I really do not know a lot about credit cards, and there are so many to choose from. Rewards or cash back would be nice, but not required.

Any suggestions?


Re: Credit Cards

  • i have a capital one card. it's not too bad. i just use it to put "business" things on.
  • I have an American Express card w/ rewards points and also a Visa through State Farm Insurance that I get 1% on all purchases that I can use to pay off any other loan w/ SF (I have a car loan through them). I've nver had any problems with either of them. I just cashed in my rewards w/ American Express and got a $50 gift card to Red Lobster. I had a Mastercard a long time ago but they wouldn't give me any rewards or cash back options so I canceled that card. I figure if you can get them why not.

    Just for reference though, I think Visa is the most popular cc around (I could be wrong though)


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  • if i were you, i wouldn't get a credit card. if you are paying for everything out of your checking account as is, i would continue doing so. even if you say you'll pay it off every month, something may happen to where you won't be able to and you get behind a voila, cc debt.

    if you really want to get a card, i suggest apply for a card for a specific store you may purchase from sometimes, but not all the time such as maybe JCP, VS, Macy's..

  • I had a capital one card and hated all their fee's and their customer service was bad to me.

    We have a discover for H for work and we like it because you do get a lot of points however some places don't take discover.

    We also have bank of america for personal...we actually have two. Ones a Nascar and ones a Bass Pro Shop but its still Bank of America.

    We also have AT&T which we don't have a balance on and they were always great.

  • i forgot. H and I both have capital one cards. mine has a limit of only 1000 but no interest rate. i only pay $1 per 100 (ex. $5 for anything 500-599) but i don't think they offer this one anymore
  • There's so many cards to choose from out there that you could really look into them and see which one has the best rewards/other offer that appeals to you most.

    My main suggestion is just read the fine print before signing up for a card. You want to make sure you get a card with NO annual fee and a low APR - just make sure those with a the low introductory APR don't sky rocket after your introductory period is over.

    I've probably had the best experiences with my Chase cards, but I also bank with Chase so I find it much more convenient to use those cards since I can see their balance as well when ever I log into my bank account online. Your bank might be able to give you a better interest rate/credit limit since they'll be familiar with your financial situation already.


  • I agree with Kermit, I have always had a great experience with Chase as well. I don't bank with them but we have a couple cards through them.

    I think you should DEF. get a card even if it's just one with a low credit limit. It will help you build your credit. DH didn't have any credit and he couldn't even get a Circuit City card to get our TV, I had to do it. It can become a problem eventually when you have no credit at all.

    Def. do some research on the cards out there. I like Discover too, they have rewards but like a pp said, some places don't take Discover.


  • I have a CITI card that I use to rack up my AA miles that I really like.  I never did care for my Capital One card, but now there is a financial center down the street from me for Capital One that seems convenient.  I think My AT&T card is a CITI card as well.
  • Visa is definately the most popular card. It's the least expensive card for a company to carry. American Ex and Discover are the most expensive cards for a company to accept. (they pay a higher per transaction fee) so I would stick with a Visa. I personally have a credit card through Wells Fargo. My husband has a card through Cabela's since he shops there all the time and gets great rewards. My parents use a frequent flyer miles card so they get free airplane tickets.
  • This website might be helpful. People can rate a card and leave comments.

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