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For Jpell - Ask me Anything!

Let's spice it up ladies, we all want tonight to be the night for Jpell!

Ask me anything, but I'll forewarn you, I may be boring. lol

Re: For Jpell - Ask me Anything!

  • What is your opinion on oral sex.  Good bad or indifferent?
  • How old were you "the first time"

    <a href=""><img src="" width="400" height="80" border="0" alt="Lilypie First Birthday tickers" /></a>
  • When are you gonna catch "the fever"?  J/K

    When are you and your husband thinking about kids.  Next year- 3 years?

  • I'm ok with it, but I'm not a swallower, that's never appealled (sp?) to me. Oh, and if the guys has a funky smell down there, you can forget it, talk about a turn off! I'm always up for a little recieving as well. lol

    I was 19 when I lost my virginity.

  • Kids - I'm not entirely sure, in terms of my age (28) 3 years from now would be ideal to at the very least start. However, we want to be more financially stable and other things (I discussed a bunch of them with Nola earlier today) and H is about to start school this semester, so babies might get put off a bit longer. It's definitely going to be a few years from now unless we have an "oops" moment. lol
  • What is the one thiing that you wish people would ask you or knew about you?
  • Oh jeez.. I never really thought about that.

    ok, this is lame really, but being a geographer, so many people get that confused with geologist and they assume I work with rocks. To add to that, a lot of people make assumptions about my profession (GIS) with out asking anything about. I don't expect people to know much about GIS because it's well... random. I'd much rather people ask me more about what i do instead of making those assumptions because there is a world of different between geography and geology and their assumptions of my field are usually pretty far off base if they don't already know me pretty well.

  • What are the differences that make the assumptions far off?  Geologists just a bit too wild for ya, Kristin Smile

  • Well for me personally, I am not a physical geographer, which deals more with some geology related topics like glaciers, mountains and such, except Geographers study them from a different perspective. Geologist (from what I learned in the one class I took and my roommate who was a geology major) study how these features were formed and how they continue to change. Geographers study how these features affect our world and often how we interact with them.

    I'm more of a human geographer, I like learning about cultures and different places. Population geography is something i've found very interesting as well.

     I also get a lot of "oh, so you know the capitol of ________." People seem to think I spend my time memorizing that sort of information.

    Good - are you a geologist? Man, I couldn't even get a decent grade in Rocks for Jocks, how on earth could I have made it as a geologist? lol

  • btw... I thought this was supposed to be "naughty!"
  • Oh, sorry.  Um...what is your favorite position?  I'm not really that good at the naughty questions!!
  • lol, it's ok I think Jpell has headed out for the holiday already.

    My favorite is doggy, but I had also forgotten about the chair thing until luden just mentioned it. I've only done it a couple times, but boy was it fun!

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