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Looking for best cat litter

Is there a cat litter out there that cuts down on the smell and doesn't track all over the place?  Or is it just the price to pay for our furbabies?

Just wondering if there is something better out there than what we are currently using (Feline Pine).


Re: Looking for best cat litter

  • We use the arm and hammer litter. They have a fresh scent and an unscentted version- I like them both. It clumps well, and covers the odors pretty well. It is very pebbly(if that's a good descriptor) but not so much dusty, so the larger bits do scatter if he kicks it out of the box, but other than that it stays in box. My only complaint is that the larger boxes are really heavy and don't have the pour spout that the smaller boxes do.
  • I'm a HUGE Scoop Away fan... I can't smell the box at all, and I'm not great about cleaning it all the time. I buy it in 40 lb buckets at Costco for like $10 and it lasts me forever. It does scatter, but that's just life with cats.
  • This is a funny question because I was just talking about this at work today!  I am a veterinary technician... so I've used plenty of litter in my days and I have 2 cats.(one being a kitten- so he's super messy)  I have tried so many different kinds and my favorite by FAR is the generic petsmart brand cat litter called "exquisicat" it is in a green BOX and it is scoopable.  No odor and no dust, the cats dont track that much either.  Give it a try!!



    Hope it helps! 

  • We use Better Way cat litter.  It is made of a very fine grain and is flushable.  You can't find it everywhere but several grocery and pet store chains carry it.  Try doing a google search to find out where you can buy it in your area. It is less than $10 a bag.
  • we only have 1 cat, but we use tidy cats silicone - NOT the mix, just straight silicone. ?it has a light green cap. ?our cats litter is under the bathroom sink, but we rarely smell it
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  • I too was so sick of this "problem" that I decided to toilet train my two cats. 

    They are doing great and we are almost there but it takes a while and you have to have alot of patience, but think of the advantages.  No more litter to clean up or buy  - no more litter box to clean and all you do is come home and flush. They aren't digging around in a dirty litter box then jumping on your couch! Yuck!

    I bought the litter kwitter system but they have others out there that I'm sure are just as good.  Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

  • Arm and Hammer Mulit- CAt is the best we've found. my FI also bought an ionic breeze and set it up right by the box so that helps a lot, too.
  • We use Arm and Hammer but after reading this thread we may try the the Pet Smart brand. I think the scattering is bound to happen regardless because of the movement in and out of the litter box.

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  • The only brands I've found that don't track as much is SWheatscoop (and it doesn't stink AT ALL) or Feline Pine Litter. That doesn't stink either although it does smell woodsy. The texture is very different and I didn't introduce it over time so my cat didn't like it. I may try it again. There is NO dust with either brand.
  • I use the Tidy Cat scoopable, but it can't be the one with that new pebble type system. I know the new ones have some kind of blue symbol on the container, so I look for one that doesn't have that symbol. 

    I think the trick to cats tracking it all over is the type of litter box. We bought one that's the Bodadome kind but it has a little ramp type thing on the side. And it has really kept the litter closer to the box, not spread throughout the house. We do still get a little bit around the house but not nearly the amount we had before. Plus I have a rug right outisde the box to help collect anything that's on the paws.

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  • How long did it take you to toilet train them?  And how old are they?  I would love to do that with my cat, but he is 8 years old, so I thought it was too late.
  • I like Exquisicat too.  Cheap, clumps hard, doesn't smell like fake flowers and holds in odors.  Before this, I used to use Swheat Scoop but the litter is sticky when its wet and doesn't clump very hard.
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