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Good morning ladies!

I returned my milk last night. I felt stupid doing it but I wasn't going to let it slide. The manager was really nice, apologized and put a refund and $10 on a Safeway gift card for me. Wow, well handled.

So I was pretty happy about that only to find that my ex-husband's pricey new car loan is showing up on my credit! Nice thing to find out 5 minutes before everything closes for the day. Not pleased at all.

But I'm happy this morning because I have a package all set to send to my Mom's dog. I know it sounds silly but Crystal loves opening packages I send her and I know it amuses my mom, and Crystal (the dog) is dying pretty quickly from lymphoma, at a young age. She's really important to my mom and there's not much I can do so I was glad to think of this before it was too late. Let's just say I'm sending it priority mail.

And other than that, today is about work and getting some errands done.


Re: Good morning ladies!

  • Wow Alisha you gotta love an ex for that kind of crap. Been there.

    Hope your mom's dog enjoys the package.

    No work today...lunch with a buddy, shopping and picking my kid up at the airport YAY!!!

  • hope you can get the credit thing straightened out... that's seriously lame.

    happy Tuesday! I'm busting my booty today at the office and trying to get out early. our kittens have a vet appointment and then dh and I are heading out to meet my best friend and her parents for dinner and then see Marley and Me. anyone seen it yet? any good?


  • How the hell did his car end up on your credit??  Did he use your SSN or was it just a fluke?  Either way, that bites balls!

    Today is going to be a short work day, but then I have to check into the hospital to have my baby flipped (hopefully successfully!) at 4:30.  I'm not sure how long I will be there (a couple days if I end up with a baby I suppose!)  Any baby flipping vibes you guys want to send me would be greatly appreciated right now!   If only Jer'Magesty wasn't so darn stubborn... 

    Hope everyone has a good day!

  • Habietualstar- Bring tissue!! Its a tearjerker...especially if you're an animal lover...ugh they get ya everytime!!
  • Baby flipping!? What!?


  • image Alisha_A:

    Baby flipping!? What!?


     ha ha, well he's breech. Has been for the past 10 weeks,  so the drs are going to drug me up and push hard on my belly to try and get him to move into a head down position so I dont have to have a C-Section...  Sound painful? Yeah, I've heard it is...lets hope the pain part is just a rumor.  =/ 

  • I have a fun day ahead of me!  My mom is coming down from Mount Vernon and we are going to IKEA.  We love that place!  She always says "It's Disneyland for adults!"  We'll probably do lunch there too.  I might even be able to talk her into hitting Southcenter too! 

    Hstar- I'm jealous you're going to Marley and Me. I loved the book, you laugh and cry all at once!  I'm going to try and talk DH into going this weekend because we got movie tickets for Christmas!    

    Lynch- Good luck with the baby flipping.   

  • Wow...I had no idea. Good luck with that! Flip baby flip!

  • Good morning. 

    Alisha- I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's dog. I lost a kitty to lymphoma last year, and she was only 7.  I hope Crystal really loves her gift!!!

    Last night I had an MRI on my foot/ankle and I may end up needing surgery on my right foot.  I'll get the results on the 7th and we'll go from there.  I'm torn on whether or not I hope to hear I need surgery.  I'm not looking forward to it or the long recovery, but I've been having increased foot pain and really reduced stamina for the last couple months.  So, if this would "fix" it, that would be great. (I have flat feet -no arches- but have been having pain and related issues recently.)

    Anyway, normal work day for me today. I'm looking forward to working from home tomorrow and then getting DH and I all set up for our NYE in... movies and munchies and adult beverages. :-) 

    Lynch- lots of baby-flipping vibes to you!


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  • Good morning all!

    It's only tuesday...i'm still in holiday mood so I haven't been in the mood to work..hehehe...but then again, i never am!  I'm glad we get thursday least it's kind of a short week. 

    Alisha - oh that sucks to find that out about your ex!  I hope you figure it out soon! Oh and i'm sorry to hear about your mom's dog...i really hope she enjoys the package you sent! 

    HabitualStar - Oh we wanted to see Marley and Me as well...i heard it was good!

    FutureMrs - oh i hope everything goes well with the flip!  Good vibes coming your way! 

    Have a great tuesday everyone! 

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