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A dog with IBS?

I was back at the vet with our chocolate lab Ellie tonight. She got sick after Thanksgiving, they thought she ate something and it was stuck so the did all the a barium x ray series, blood tests, etc...nothing. She went on a chicken and rice diet (she won't eat canned food) and antibiotics and has been doing well. She got sick again today while I was at work so back to the vet we went, and they still can't find anything but are concerned about a bacterial infection. So Ellie is back on an even blander diet of cottage cheese and rice diet and antibiotics. I never thought I would be cooking for my dog! If she keeps getting sick they want to test her for IBS because they think she may have an allergy to protein (lamb, beef, chicken, etc) that she has been exposed to.

All I can say is wow.

Re: A dog with IBS?

  • That's no good - it's so hard to watch your pet be sick and not know what's wrong.  Last year, my dog got sick, too, and it sounds like the same kind of thing.  They tested him for a bunch of stuff and nothing came back, we had him on rice/chicken/cottage cheese and he'd get better, but the second we'd put him back on regular food (even just a little) he'd be sick again.  We put him on a digestive enzyme (OptiGest by InClover, I believe...) and it was an amazing change.

    Good luck - I hope she feels better soon!! 


  • my parents had to cook for my dog for awhile too - beef and rice. they said the same thing about never thinking they'd cook dinner for a dog.

    i have ibs and am curoius how they are going to test for ibs - it could be different for humans, but they said they couldn't do a specific test for it, they just ruled out a ton of stuff.?

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  • They said something about some blood tests and a colonoscopy with some biopsies / looking for inflamation (I don't remember exactly) for the IBS testing. Treatment is a diet change - a protein she hasn't been exposed to before like duck and potato food, or venison and rice, and prednisolone. Hopefully we have to go down that road.

    FutureFung - I'll ask about the enzyme when we go back for our follow up. Thanks for the info!

  • We got the enzyme at a pet food store without a prescript. from the vet!!

  • You might ask about a probiotic (healthful bacteria like those in yogurt, but in capsule form).  It's helps humans and cats that i know.  It's available OTC and by prescription.  Good luck with your little guy.
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  • A probiotic is a good idea. When any animal has severe diarrhea, the intestinal tract gets wiped out of all the good bacteria that helps digest food. You can buy some at stores like PCC but make sure to get a refrigerated kind that has protease, amylase and lipase enzymes. Human and dog enymes are the same - they are specific to what they digest not who they digest for. Or your vet can prescribe one.

    I hope this is cleared up quickly!

    I actually grew up homecooking for my dogs, although I feed a raw diet now. Once you get the hang of it, its not too crazy.

  • I have no info for you on IBS. But wanted to tell you I hope Ellie gets to feeling better soon. I know how painful it is to watch you dog get sick. I will also be curious to hear what the final diagnosis is. Our Cash is a lab and he eats everything (not that we feed him everything, but he would if we did) and I've never heard of a lab having IBS, but I wouldn't put it passed them. Poor little thing!

  • My cat has when I run out of his "regular" food...any morsel of normal food and its a puke fest.  Sorry your pooch is not feeling well :( 
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