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Looking back on 2008...

What are the moments/people/things that stand out in yor mind?  They can be funny, ridiculous, serious whatever.

Mine are:

Joe the plumber (HIGHlarious)

Joe Lieberman

Jesse Jackson's castration attempt

"in what respect Charlie"

Hillary running from sniper fire (lolzzz)

Re: Looking back on 2008...

  • Anderson Cooper to Donna Brazile: I wanna be your boo

    The death of Tim Russert

    Robert Byrd crying during a speech about Ted Kennedy after his stroke.

    Tossing a shoe at a president and the subsequent demand for that exact shoe shooting through the roof

    Tina Fey's first day as Palin

    Palin's "coming out"  speech during the Republican National Convention, and likewise, Kucinich's at the Democratic NC.

    The Georgian-Russian fiasco

    The assassination of Benazir Bhutto

  • image TeamC:

    The assassination of Benazir Bhutto

    Wasn't this 2007? ?

  • Wiki says yes, so it must be true. Aparently right after Christmas...I was close.
  • I think the election 08 characters are forever burned into my brain, especially the crazy stuff like joe the plumber, Sarah-Palinisms (incessant winking, Putin rearing his head over Alaska, etc.) and Obama being called a socialist.

  • the endless emails about Obama being a Muslim

     the 18 million cracks

    Rev. Wright's God Damn America

    the Caylee Anthony story

    $4 per gallon gas

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