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I survived the itinerary

But I am exhausted as hell.  I need a vacation after that vacation, lol.

The highlights include:

1 plane ride from hell to the midwest.  My child was cranky and had diarrhea.  He pooped through three changes of clothes from the time we got to the airport until we arrived in the midwest.  He screamed on the plane and yes we were "that" family that people roll their eyes at wondering why they can't control their child.  3 hours later than our original arrival time, I finally stumbled off the plane with my hair all over the place and put my blanket wrapped poopy child in my MIL's arms and said he needs to be changed, lol. 

Oh and once we landed we found out the airlines did not put our bags on the plane because while they were within the weight limits, they needed to lighten the plane and I am sure they thought, "hey why not torture the poor parents even more." 

So added to our day of travel hell was an 11 pm trip to walmart, my favorite.  Our clothes finally came at 4 pm the following day just in time to get ready for the first "event" on the itinerary. 

Fast forward to Christmas day.  In ILs effort to structure fifty million things before opening gifts, I had to put DS down for a nap after opening his first gift because he was exhausted by the time we made it to the tree. 

Add to the week, several remarks about who was getting more time MIL or FIL (they are divorced so we had two houses to visit).  And hurt feelings when discussions were made about possibly diverging from the itinerary.  My BIL said it best..."This was the most restrictive vacation ever.  Next time I am going to stay in a hotel and say to hell with everybody." 

And I did not get a date night.  I have learned that my husband is a wimp or in denial when it comes to his family.  Why we must attend one more function when we have hung out with the exact same people at least three times already is beyond me.  But I did go to the spa.  It was four hours of heaven in a six day period of chaos. 

But I am alive.  And I still love my ILs, I just don't plan on spending Christmas there anytime soon.  Probably ever. 

So what have I missed?

Re: I survived the itinerary

  • I hear you on needing a vacation after a family vacation. I'm glad you got me time at the spa! Lesson learned - next time (if there is a next time) you get a hotel and rental car or just take a taxi.
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  • so glad you survived. have a beverage for your troubles: Drinks and 4 hours at the spa?! hell, i might just be jealous of your xmas -- matching sweaters and all! we leave for denver on saturday for a week of structured shenanigans with the ILs. say a little prayer for gypsygirl.

    i don't think you've missed much besides a nasty discussion about gaza and israel in which i was too scared to participate. i've been MIA myself for a few days so maybe there's more dirt... anyone?

  • I'm so glad you survived...

    You didn't miss a whole lot. Yesterday was Holocaust day over on P&CE. Caden and I had a unity lunch on Friday.

    I totally thought about you and your DS Christmas clothing situation on Christmas Eve - my MIL bought my little nephew Christmas PJs to wear to bed that night and pretty much all day on Christmas Day.

  • OMG I am So sorry!  We've been "that" family on a plane too.  Embarrassed

    It sucks ass. 

    I'm glad you made it home in one piece.  And thank goodness for that spa day!!

    On a side note, I've found that packing a carry on bag with one change of clothes for the parents, a sleeping outfit and 3 changes of clothes for the babies is essential.  Airlines simply can not be trusted these days.

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