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Should I get space bags?



Anyone have these?

We have space issues in this mini house.  On top of that, I keep needing to take blankets or some type of linen from either a dead relative or my mom or my childhood AND, I can't bear to see any of them just thrown out or gotten rid of. Plus we need to make room for baby, and we'll loose a closet worth of storage and space under a bed.

Do you think they are a pain in the ass to use? I have a good vacuum.

Re: Should I get space bags?

  • I want to know what you all think too!
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  • We have them and use them for blankets. They work pretty well, but one of ours never keeps the complete vacuum seal, so that's sort of annoying.


  • I used these to move back and forth from NY when I was dorming.  They worked pretty well.

    I think if you're planning to used them to store seasonal items, they'd be great.  I don't remember which brand we used, though.  We used the kind that you roll up to push the air out (as opposed to the kind that uses a vaccume to suck out the air). 

  • I was not impressed with the space bags.  I found that they tear easily and they definitely don't fit all the stuff they claim to! 
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  • I really like mine.  I, too, had issues with the seal, but I've just taken to pressing back and forth a dozen times to make sure it is tight tight tight.

    I agree they are good for seasonal stuff.  They are GREAT for baby clothes.  I have a couple of the multi-size boxes.  0-3 PJs in one.  0-3 Clothes in another. 0-3 Dresses/Cute Outfits in another. 6 Month Summer (which LLL couldn't use but the next theoretical kid might.) 6 Month Winter in another.

    I just dropped off several bags to my SIL since she is expecting a little girl next April.

    Oh, and I haven't had any tearing issues, and I throw them under the bed and in the attic and what not.  

  • image MrsAxilla:
    I was not impressed with the space bags.? I found that they tear easily and they definitely don't fit all the stuff they claim to!?

    Yeah, same here. Mine kept getting teeny tiny little holes in them that would let the air back in after a few hours. The holes were so teeny tiny that I couldn't even find them to stick a piece of tape over. ?

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