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Summer Vacation?

I am sitting at my desk counting down the days until school ends. I am dying for a vacation, so my question is- do you have a summer vacation planned? And if so, where are you going? Also, what is your favorite place you have ever been for a summer trip?
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Re: Summer Vacation?

  • No vacation planned here. I would love to go somewhere for a few days, but I don't think that's going to happen this year. Too many bills!
  • No Vacations planned as of yet! We are going to ATL for a long weekend to help one of my sisters move there, but other than that we'11 be sweating in NO! A great place to vacation in the summer is Colorado.There is amazing hiking and White Water rafting if you like that type of out door activity. Usually you can find pretty cheap flights into the ski-towns during the summer since its considered "off-peak." I love Durango and Telluride.  
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    I know we are definitely going to Ft Walton for a week. I'm hoping we can squeeze a trip in to my aunt's house in Cape Cod. I haven't been to the Cape in a long time, so it would be a great escape! My family used to go to NC and stay in a cabin in the Blue Mountains. it was so beautiful and peaceful! No TVs, plenty of horseback riding, hiking, white water rafting.....sigh.......I wish I was there now.
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  • Oh, I LONG for vacation!  This year it seems like NOLA will be our vacation spot since we're just moving there at the end of this month.  Between getting settled and our new jobs--there will be no official vacation!  However, I look forward to hearing your stories so I can pretend I was there!
  • I know!!! ?I can't wait for vacation! ?The whole family, all five siblings and their significant others, are going to Destin, FL for a week!! ?I'm so excited!!! ?It's been so long since we've all gone on vacation together. ?:):) ?

    ?Favorite vacation spot... Hmmm, I really haven't been that many places. ?Cabo, for our honeymoon, was the furthest I've ever been... I'd LOVE to go skiing. ?Haven't done that yet. ?I'd LOVE to go to Europe and Scotland (DH went there for college and says that was the best place he'd ever been), so I want to see and experience what he did. ?

    Let the countdown begin! ?:)?

  • I really love going to New York.  We are suppose to go in Sept. with my in-laws.  It is hot during the summer, though.

    I also have been to Chicago--fun, San Diego--Beauiful, LA--overated, Seattle--nice, Cancun--pretty water and fun,  Hawaii for our honeymoon--what can I say--AMAZING. 

     A cruise out of NOLA is always nice, too.  Sometimes you can get them cheaper if you book at the last minute. 

    Of course, the beaches in Florida are great and a favorite of ours is Disney World!!

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  • places I've been and want to go back to:  Disney, Vegas, NY, San Diego

    I'd love to go to Hawaii and Europe.

     NY is HOTTT in the summer. 

  • We just got back from a weekend cruise out of here. It was wonderful!
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  • We're headed to the NC coast, but that's it so far.
  • I would love to go on  a vacation.  At this point i wouldnt care where.  But this year its out of the question.  We are remodeling the house and we are expecting our first child in November. 
  • So far we have no plans, other then maybe Houston to visit H's family. I'm looking for a new job so I doubt I'll have much vacation.

    I did spend all last week back home in DC. That was wonderful!

  • Over the winter, we went on a 9 day ski trip to Park City and that was a blast. ? We went to florida for 4 days over the Mother's Day weekend, but I don't really count that as a vacation because my son was sick the whole time. ?We are planning another trip to the beach over the summer.

    We started talking about taking a 2 week vacation to the Amalfi Coast in early Sept, so that could be in the works. ?I love Amalfi.?

  • I do have two planned!

    In 16 days I leave for Oahu! And in July we are going to Galveston! Both are first time visits!

    Good luck with your vacation planning!  


  • We're going to Vegas for a friend's wedding from May 30-June 2.  Then my parents rented a condo for the whole family (them, us, brother, SIL, and niece) in Pensacola from June 5-8th.  DH's family does Grand Isle EVERY summer for a week, but since I will be studying I'll only get to go from June 28th-29th.  After that I have some big time bar studying to do, so I have a feeling I'll need another vacation sometime in early August!

    When I was a kid my parents, brother and I would go to amusement parks around the country, a different one each year.  My favorite is of course Disney World, but you know pretty much everything in Orlando is fun.  When the big lawyer bucks (yeah, right!) start rolling in DH and I are planning on the Atlantis Resort...we are trying to talk some other friends into getting married there so we have a valid excuse to spend THAT much money! Stick out tongue

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