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XMAS - Family Working

MH volunterred to work Christmas day for another co-worker who has a 3 year and helps him out all the time. My mom is working and my BIL is working. They are all working 3 -10. I guess breakfast is it.

Re: XMAS - Family Working

  • I think what your dh did was charming and very kind; and that you can have a fabulous Xmas before everyone has to work in the late afternoon.

    Maybe you could volunteer at a soup kitchen while everyone works? Or vacuum out everyone's cars you know, or clean the whole house, or do the laundry, or whatever?


  • We canceled xmas this year.  DH has to work and I will be working at my part time job.  His parents are out of state and they arent speaking right now and my parents arent really doing anything special.  Its just another weekday to me.  DH wont even be in town since he works at the other end of the state.

    You can always postpone xmas til the weekend.  Do a small breakfast on thursday and then all the presents and big xmas meal over the weekend.


  • That's very nice of your DH to help his co-worker out like that.

    Our Christmas is going to be a lot more low-key this year too. It will be me and DH--no one else. It's a little depressing because I love having lots of family around for Christmas, but there's not much that can be done about it.

    Appreciate the time you have. Celebrate on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. As far as your afternoon and evening, use that time to appreciate everything you have. And if you want, even use the time as "you time." Watch girly movies your DH would never want to watch, make popcorn, etc. Chances are my DH will end up sleeping a good portion of Christmas day too (he works Christmas Eve and the day after), so I'll probably be doing the same.

    Best wishes!

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  • That is really kidn of your husband.

    A breakfast would be great. And 10 o'clock isn't too late that you can't have a glass of wine when he gets home. ?or you can have a little party on Christmas Eve.?

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  • That is nice of your DH. 

    My DH just found out he has to work overnight Christmas eve to Christmas Day so I will be solo with my family for Christmas eve and Christmas Day out of state (trip planned months ago) and we will be celebrating together on Friday.

    We are celebrating with his family on Saturday.

    We figure that we don't really need to celebrate on the actual day.

  • We always have a Christmas breakfast at my parents house.  It has become a wonderful family tradition.  My mom cooks pancakes, sausage, eggs, homemade fruit syrups, bacon, OJ, milk, hashbrowns.  We have a huge feast.

    So have a great time with a Christmas breakfast. 

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  • I'm all about finding a time to celebrate, no matter what the actual date it. Heck, all the stores seem to think it runs from November 1 to January 1 anyway!
  • What a nice thing for your husband to do- he sounds like a real sweetheart :)?

    I would have a blast at Christmas breakfast (to be honest- for us Christmas is sort of over by 2:00 ish anyway, since we tend to open gifts early, then have a nice breakfast, have a big lunch type thing, and then all collapse and nap and rest and the kids play as quietly as can be expected until we have a late dinner of leftovers from the lunch and go to bed.) ?If you don't like to gather early on Christmas, though- I also think moving a big celebration to a different day or using your time alone as some awesome "you" time or time to volunteer and help others could be awesome. ?Merry Christmas!

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