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How do I make a "conference call"?

Anyone good with phones? We have Verizon cell phones (old school pretty much) . Dh is out of town and I can't get in touch with him to ask him. I was going to call Verizon about this but don't know if I'm on the account. If I need to make a "three way "call do I need to have special features for that? What I mean is that I need to call one person but want another one listening in on our conversation. How do I make that kind of call? Can you make this kind of call on your cellphone without being "signed up" for it? I guess I can call Verizon about this but I thought you might know:-) It's work related and I have to make this call in the morning.....sigh!

Re: How do I make a "conference call"?

  • Sorry, don't kn ow how to do it with verizon, but I have used

    You can just register and they will give you a # and code for everyone to call into.




    Even the upper crust can make a typeos.
  • Thanks for the info! Although I got out of it this morning:-) I guess I still need to find out how to make this kind of call for next time....
  • Call Verizon.  My DH's firm subscribes(?) to a service that (I believe) is provided by Verizon.  He has a card he keeps in his wallet with a phone number to call in and a passcode to use to access the conference call.  Arrange with the other parties to call the number at a prearranged time, access the call using the passcode and voila!   Conference call.

  • That's great to know, thanks!!
  • I just pulled the card out of his wallet.  It's through Verizon Business and the program is "My Instant Meeting."  He has different passcodes if he initiates the conference call (leader) and if he is a participant.  He dials a toll-free number, enters the passcode and enters a confirmation code.  The others do the same.  I assume the participant passcode is the one that he gives to clients and others to access the call.

    (I wish I could remember who I used to do outsourced conference calls with.  A firm in California.  It's been about four years since I've used the feature and it was in-house.)

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