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SO mad at myself aka I could have been scammed aka watch out for "Vivint"

Usually I am asleep at this time (2am) but I woke up in the middle of the night extremely mad and disappointed with myself. Worst part is I don't know if I should tell my husband (typically I do not keep anything from him) but the reason I wouldn't tell him is because he will be really upset with me which he should be. So I am taking it to the Nest to get this off my chest.

 The good news is that Vivint is an actual company and I did not buy their product when the salesman came to my door today. The bad news is that the reason I can't sleep is thinking HOW DUMB I was not to say "My husband is not available right now and I don't make decisions without him, thanks anyway" at the very beginning of the sales pitch. No, instead I let the guy look at the door jam (from the outside), told him what kind of doors and locks we have in the back, that we do not have a security system, what I do for a living, when I am usually home, what my husband does (which is a state job that he does not like to divulge anyway) and that he works second shift, etc.) What was I thinking?!!!!

So I woke up in the middle of the night convinced that I was going to get broken into tonight (husband still working overnight til 7am) and googled the company Vivint. At least I am relieved to find out it is a real company but of course what they offer is too good to be true and is indeed false ("free" security system if you just put their sign out front). A simple google reveals exactly why one would not choose them and I experienced first hand the pushy tactics that the guy used. (Although I am still to blame for divulging all that info - ugh - never again!!!!!).

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Re: SO mad at myself aka I could have been scammed aka watch out for &amp;quot;Vivint&amp;quot;

  • Lesson learned.  Honestly, I don't entertain door to door salespeople.  I simply don't answer the door or shut in their face.  I know it's rude, but it's better than getting sucked into a conversation that I don't have time for.
  • I would be freaked out too.

    But, I would probably tell my husband. I made a mistake and go from there. As your spouse, best friend, and cohabitant of that property, he should be aware of any potential threat to your, his, or the home's safety.

    This scenario makes me think of Home Alone when the bad guy came and asked Kevin's dad (posing as a cop) about his home's security.

    Why don't you call your local law enforcement and report the sales guy and find out if other people have had issues too in your area?

    Also, just so you feel better, try using timers on various lights around your home, consider installing motion detector lights in your back yard, have your neighbors be on the watch, and buy a baseball bat or other home protection device.

  • If I was your husband, I would have divorce you for that!
  • imageLoveIsOnlySleeping:
    If I was your husband, I would have divorce you for that!

    If I were your husband, I would divorce you for your poor grammar skills. 

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