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I was just wondering who pays for what bill or how you split the fiances in your marriage.

Re: Fiances

  • I only had one fiance.  Do you have several at once??
  • image Joy2611:
    I only had one fiance.  Do you have several at once??

    Me too. More importantly, how do you share fiances with your spouse?

    Really though, OP: There are as many reasonable ways to split finances as there are couples. We have a joint checking account which we use for most of our spending, including most bills. Then each of us has a personal checking account for a fixed amount of "fun money" each month. We also each pay some bills from our personal accounts, but that's done more to avoid fees at our banks than anything else. We figure a joint budget for each month and are working towards joint goals for our financial future, so it doesn't really matter where the money for each bill actually comes from - it's all "our money," rather than "his money" and "my money."

    If you're asking more about who's responsible for making sure the bills are paid: that's me. This is primarily because I like to be in control, and he doesn't mind not having to do the work.


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  • image Joy2611:
    I only had one fiance.  Do you have several at once??


    OP - to answer your question there are a variety of ways to handle finances... 50/50, completely separate finances, splitting your contribution based on your respective incomes... You have to talk to your FIANCE about how he/she wants to handle your FINANCES. 

  • My husband and I have a joint account which we set up after we got married. We dump everything into the joint account and my husband pays the bills. Whatever is left over, we transfer into a separate account for the down payment of our house, which we close on August 2nd!  The rule of thumb is that anything over $50 we consult each other, but we don't have your money vs my money. We work as a team.

  • Psst...finances.:)

    As in moolah, the long green.:)

    What is best, I think:

    Of course you know that when you marry, or you are a committed couple, your money + his money = OUR money.

    Doesn't matter how much each of you earn. It is one jointly comprised fund: Our money.

    Deposit your paychecks into one account and from there, pay all the bills, etc.

    Set aside a certain amount to invest: your savings, your retirement (it's not too early) vacation funds, holiday fund --- and I suggest a weekly "mad money" for each one of you, to spend on whatever you like.
  • I meant finances.
  • I pay for 90% of the bills, DH pays for the rest.

    Most of the bills are in my name, so I pay the mortgage, gas, electric, water and credit card bills etc. DH has the internet bill, his car insurance and his own student loan payment. About once every two weeks DH puts money in our joint savings account and I'm able to transfer it to my checking accounts to help with some of the bills. 

    It's not a perfect system, but it works for us. Definitely interested in combining car insurance in the very near future, and hopefully neither of us will have student loans to pay back soon! 


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  • vpinevpine member
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    We have a joint account and pay the bills that way, what is left over: DH gets his amount to spend and I have mine (on what we wish, he usually spends his on cigarettes, hair cut, food for his animals and I spend mine on clothes/hair/nails)

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