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please rec for DH

I need some help coming up with book recs for DH.  He's not a huge reader, but would like some good ones for our upcoming vacation.

The last time I asked for suggestions for him (several years ago now), Hunger Games was recommended.  He loved the series. 

Here's the difficult part.  He has read the Hunger Games series, and Stephen Colbert's book.  Those are the only books he has read for pleasure.  


Any suggestions?

Re: please rec for DH

  • If he liked The Hunger Games, have him try Divergent. It's another dystopian small faction setting with lots of action.

    I'd also recommend Ready Player One. This one's not a series, but it's a fast-paced adventure that's so much fun!


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  • I don't know if your husband is a Star Wars fan or not but Carrie Fisher (ie Princess Leia) has written two books which are both hysterical. My husband loves them!


  • GilliCGilliC member
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    I second Ready Player One.  It's a quick YA-style read like Hunger Games with lots of 80s pop culture, video game, and sci-fi references.  Plus a treasure-hunt feel to it.  Lots of fun.

    My ex never reads, and he loved it.  (He even bought me a copy for Christmas even though we were already separated.)

  • Another vote for Ready Player One.  It was excellent.  My DH completely loved it, too.

    And I agree that "if you liked Hunger Games, you'll probably like Divergent" is a fair statement.  They're a lot alike.

    Other than echoing what others have already suggested, what does your DH like?  Is he into history at all?  Music?  My DH really loved the two Erik Larson books he read - Devil in the White City, about the Chicago world's fair and the serial killer that used it to find victims no one would miss (I read it too, and it was great), and In the Garden of Beasts, about the US ambassador to Nazi Germany leading up to WW2.  And I don't know if he's into it or not, but The Dirt by Motley Crue was one of the best music autobiographies I've read, and I read a lot of them.  I wasn't really much of a fan before I read it, and even I adored this book.  DH LOVED it.

  • I third Ready Player One.

    Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand  

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  • MrsC7MrsC7 member
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    Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand  

    Unbroken is a great book, but it's very heavy.  Nothing like HG or Colbert.  Just keep that in mind.

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  • What about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the rest of the series? My H liked those.  I think the only other thing he's read that I've read is the Hunger Games series.
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  • i asked my h what he would recommend. he said he recently finished the grail quest series and also agincourt by bernard cromwell. if your h likes medievel stuff he would like these. my h also enjoyed hunger games and the game of thrones series.

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