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Super embarrassing question...

Okay ladies, this is really hard to talk about but I want to know if this is normal. After sex, is it normal for air to come back out the vagina (making a farting sound)? This doesn't happen every time, but sometimes I feel like the husband pumps me full of air and it has to come back out after. Thankfully he just laughs and it doesn't gross him out. Does this happen to anyone else? I was wondering if it's because we change positions during sex? Does anyone know why this happens and what we can do to avoid it? 

Re: Super embarrassing question...

  • Its normal and some positions like doggie are more prone to it
  • Well that explains it, that is the position that we appreciate the most! ;)
  • That only happens to me when DH pulls out completely, which can be avoided. 
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  • It's normal. Nothing is wrong. If it bothers you you can bear down during insertion like you're having a bowel movement. I don't mean that you should bear down really hard to the point that you almost do have a BM, just enough that air isn't allowed to enter your vagina. 
  • Definitely normal (we call them queefs - although I'm sure that's not the actual medical term!).  Sometimes they seep out while my husband is... thrusting.  When that happens I make him stop and push all the air out before we can continue.  It's kind of like farts, you just gotta get them out!
  • It never happens to me during, only after. I feel much better now that I know it's normal. Thanks!
  • I mean...if he's absolutely plowing you, it can definitely happen.


    Slow down, tiger.  ;)

  • WulfgarWulfgar member
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    We have that happen at our house at times so don't worry about that.
  • We had sex last night, changed positions once...and we didn't experience the extra-air effect. Still not completely sure WHAT causes it to happen very occasionally. Anyhow, thanks ladies!
  • That's completely normal. To help prevent it from happening, don't let your husband pull completely out of you when he's thrusting. Also, keeping your legs closer together helps keep the air from entering you (and it feels pretty great too!) Hope this helps <3
  • Thanks girl! Can't wait to try some of your advice...maybe tonight? :)
  • I agree with the others this a very normal response... It cause by the air that enters the vagina upon insertion of the penis.
  • Yes this happens to us every once in a while. Honestly, we both laugh.
  • This is hilarious because when it happened to me the first time, I had NO idea what was going on.  I had to text a friend later and she assured me it's normal, especially for me because my husband is the only person I've had sex with so my body is still adjusting to what happens during sex.

     Bonus awkard moment: you will also *** during yoga class when you least expect it. 

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