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Family Room Accent Table Question

Currently, we have a matching sofa and loveseat. We have a coffee table, which is a large dark wooden storage trunk. We also have a round accent table in a dark wood - not the same style as the trunk, but it works together. All of this furniture was used in our old home's family room and it's staying.

But in our new home, I want to flank my sofa with side tables and I already have a set of matching table lamps for these tables...I just don't have the tables yet.

My question is, I like mixing in unique pieces into my decor and I think there is already lots of cohesion in the space via the matching sofas, other fabrics, the lamp pair and then the general colors of th walls, shelving, artwork, etc.. Would it be a bad idea to get two different side tables, but both in a green color?

Links here:

So, there would end up being four different tables in the room. 2 brown wood. 2 in the green family. None of the same style.

ETA: On the dark green one I would cover the floral print on the surface.

Re: Family Room Accent Table Question

  • Two different tables is a good idea in theory, but difficult in execution. I think the ones you've chosen are too different. The first is airy and leggy; the second is like a Volvo on carpet. Keep your idea, but hunt for different tables of more similar visual weight. If your trunk coffee table is heavy visually, I'd search for two lighter end tables. 
  • Feel good, but like Tar said it's difficult in execution ~~~






















  • mrsB68mrsB68 member

    I get where you're coming from and I think you know the answer. I would go with the same tables if you can. While having different pieces is unique and stylish you do need to have some cohesiveness in the room or it will look like a college apartment (sorry).

    If you do decide to do different pieces though, I do agree with the others that these 2 are too different. They should be a similar size and style so that they coordinate with each other and look like they're brother and sister. Not baby and granny.

    I'm not sure if you're pulling pieces you have, people are selling and want to re-purpose or what, but if that's the case I would look at some antique shops or places like the salvation army where you may find sets. Keep in mind you can paint as well if you really do want green in there.

    If you want new try some inexpensive websites as you can buy side tables pretty inexpensive now...or check out a Home Goods if you have one around you!

    Good luck! 

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