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XP: Talk me out of it! (Or into it...)

I suddenly feel the need to buy a new purse. I'm looking at something by Kate Spade or maybe Coach. I'm not in LOVE with either one. I occasionally get in this mind set that I need to spend money on something just to prove to myself that I'm not poor. I live very frugally, but these moods pop up suddenly and I buy something expensive. 

Really, would it be that much better than a purse from target?!?

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Re: XP: Talk me out of it! (Or into it...)

  • IMO buying the brand, for the brand, is ridiculous. Buy the items you need that are high quality so they'll work well and last a long time. However, it's your money and you get to do what you want with it. 
  • I understand how you feel. But I would not buy something just because. 

    If you are looking for a rich feeling I say you should go on a trip. Or eat really nice food. If you buy material things then they will just hang out in your house cramping up your life. If you use your money on an experience then you can have fun and not have to dust anything off afterwards.

    I came to this conclusion a couple years ago after realizing that all the junk I had was taking up my time because of organizing and cleaning it. So goodbye it went. Now I "splurge" on cakes. hehe  

  • I would wait until you find one that you LOVE. I mean, what's the point of buying something expensive if you don't LOVE it?
  • Look at tag sales and thrift shops.

    You can find many a good leather purse in there.

    And I've bought generic purses made of leather that I've had a thousand years.  You can't beat a nice leather *no name* handbag.:)
  • I'm cheap and refuse to spend several hundred bucks on a purse.  It carries sh!t.  You can get something that carries your sh!t just as well as a Coach bag for $15.  Don't do it, save your money instead for when you really need it.
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