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Question about couch slipcover

I have two leather couches that are still in good shape except for the fabric. I have little Knicks and tears from my cat. I am not able to repair the tears and it doesn't matter since the cat will tear them up again. 

I was thinking that slipcovers would be a good option, except my couches are 1. Slick leather, and 2. Have attached pillow backs. The backs look like pillows but are 3/4 attached. The top little 1/4 isn't attached. So the back of my couch doesn't go all the way up to the top of the pillow. So imagine the back of the couch is straight until the top 1/4 where there is a ridge then a pillow beside it. 

I hope that makes sense. Do slipcovers exist for this type of couch? I have been doing Internet searches without any luck on my type of couch that slipcovers will work for.  

 All of them appear to need a straight back or completely separate pillow backs.  

Re: Question about couch slipcover

  • The leather factor would make it the most difficult. Any slipcover that you put on your couch will likely be difficult to keep on because of the slippery leather.  Most slipcovers are made larger than the size of your couch with the intention that you will be tucking in the rest of the fabric to make it fit tightly.  If your leather is actually that slippery, the material will have a hard time staying tucked into the nooks and crannies in your couch to keep the slipcover tight.

    Also, I have had a couch with attached pillow backs and the slipcover worked fine on it, but from the back of the couch, you could tell that the slipcover was a little baggy where the pillows peeked over the top of the back of the couch.

    I didn't buy anything special to modify this - the ones that I bought were from Target:  

    These held up really well in the wash, and went on and off really easily.  I posted the link to the generic one, but make sure that you select the T-cushion slipcovers if the seat part of your couch has T-cushions. 

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